What’s your Bob Quinn looking draft

I thought we could have some fun here. Instead of posting who you want. Post a draft that you think is a BQ type of draft. (Think about how BQ drafts and how you feel after the draft each year)

Here’s my example.

3OA - RT Jedrick Willis - BQ has drafted an OL with his first pick every other year. That means this year he should go OL at 3OA. This slides Vaitai inside to play OG.

35 - S Jeremy Chinn - The Lions have taken a safety in round 4, round 3 and again round 3 in the last 3 drafts. So this year they decide to take one in round two. BQ likes to throw in a shocker or two so I say he drafts the little known, but productive Jeremy Chinn.

67 - CB - Amik Robertson - Everyone expected us to draft a big, physical, CB. One who can start on the outside. Instead we take a small, lesser known, playmaking, slot CB to provide depth at slot CB. Most Lions fans feel we drafted him 2 rounds too early but MP covets his ball skills and play making ability. They drafted him because they have a role in mind for him. Post draft BQ declares that if the kid were bigger he’d go round one and they stole him at 67.

85 - DT Raekwon Davis - BQ has taken at least one DL in every draft. Taking a DE in the last two means he is more likely to draft a DT in this one.

109 - OG Danny Pinter - BQ took 3 OL in his first draft. None the following year in 2017. He then drafted two OL in 2018 followed up by none last year. That means he should take at least two OL from this draft right? He drafts converted TE Pinter because of his upside. He played OT but is projected to be an interior OL. Some think he can be a versatile player who could play C, G and OT. BQ drafts him based on his athleticism over some more experienced interior OL available. Having Viatai and drafting Willis allows BQ to draft a project with upside.

149 - WR Dezmon Patmon - BQ needs speed at WR. So he reaches for Washington States big, speedy WR in hopes he can develop into a future stud.

166 - CB Nevelle Clarke - A press man corner with the size and athleticism that MP covets on the outside. Coming from UCF he’s a smaller school player and more of a project.

182 - P Braden Mann - I have a feeling we may draft a punter. Mann feels like a BQ pick.

This is the type of draft I can really see BQ doing this year. Not a lot of flash. Some WTF type of picks but also some players with big upsides.

Let’s see yours.

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  1. Okudah
    35 Nick Harris C/Washington
    67 Larrel Murchison DL/NC State
    85 CJ O’Grady TE/Arkansas
    109 Branden Mann P/A&M
    149 Aaron Fuller WR/Washington
    166 Josh Kelley RB/UCLA
    182 Bryce Huff EDGE/Memphis

Basically, a bunch of guys I’m not impressed with, or guys I’ve never heard of with “prototype” size or something.


I like this, guessing Quinn’s motivations is pretty much the way I build my draft board cause I don’t care about any prospects that are unlikely to be Lions. So here’s my Quinn(Patricia) esque draft:

3 CB Okudah - perfect fit.

35 DT: Raekwon Davis - I think you’ve got him way too low Air, but I’m almost certain we’ll be interested. Only question is maybe a questionable motor.

67 LB: Logan Wison - I thought with our offseason work we might bypass LB altogether, but after seeing Ragland’s contract I no longer think that is the case. Wilson fits us like a glove.

85 WR/TE Chase Claypool - Personally I wouldn’t care for this pick but he’s the kind of guy Quinn typically likes, a team player, leader, great blocker. We could use him in 2 TEs and as a big slot, he wouldn’t shock me at all. Not the type of receiver we need IMO (which is why I advocate for drafting one sooner), but Quinn has always been influenced by intangibles.

109 OG: Logan Stenburg - Nasty road-grader type, they’re gonna love his attutude even if his movement skills leave something to be desired (alternate: Shane Lemieux).

149 Edge: Trevis Gipson - Perfect fit for us. Big enough, long-armed with a below-average bend. I could easily see him going much higher than this.

166 P: Braden Mann - I think we won’t want to miss out on him.

182 CB: Stantley Thomas-Oliver - Total guess this late but won’t really be focusing on needs by this point and he fits our profile. Admittedly this is one of my guys so he’s almost certain to not get drafted by us lol.

Do you really think Wilson makes it to 67? Seems unlikely to me. Not crazy by any stretch but who else out of the ILB class has satisfactory size and that kind of movement and coverage skills. Seems like he’s a rare commodity in this class.

I’m really hoping no LS, P or FB before the 5th round.

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If that linebacker brings elite coverage or pass rush traits then I can get behind it.

Edit: whoops. Read that as LB not LS.

Yes. I agree. Hope BQ doesn’t pull a BQ

I think it’s pretty close to his floor, for sure. My hope is the WRs push him down, as well as the glut of 2nd round safeties (McKinney, Delpit, Dugger, Chinn, Winfield, Ashtyn Davis), all of whom I think go in the 2nd except maybe Winfield with his injury history.

Also, I think the 2nd tier OTs (Peart, Prince, Niang - who I think would be a 1st rounder most years, Ezra, Isaiah Wilson, Austin Jackson - a bust in my book but I know people like him, Alex Taylor, Saahdiq) will all go in the 2nd save maybe Taylor and Charles cause OTs always get overdrafted.

Then there’s the linebackers themselves and different teams want different things. For instance, if we were the sort of team that drafted a guy like Akeem Davis-Gaiter, I’d have him ranked very highly. I think he’s got star written all over him and while it won’t be for us, I don’t see any way he gets out of the 2nd. I think people might fall in love with Willie Gay’s athleticism and coverage skills before Wilson, as well as Harrison’s larger frame, upside, and big school pedigree. Murray and Queen are a lock to go early, and then guys like Troy Dye and Jordyn Brooks are probably gonna go around Wilson, and it’s possible they go before him.

Basically I think if we counted them up we’d all have like 75 guys we have with 1st and 2nd round grades, which means plenty fall into the early 3rd round.


Quinn drafts as if he’s almost afraid of acquiring a superstar. Getting one of those almost invariably involves some risk, and he’s the most risk-averse NFL exec I can ever recall.

Round 1: Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State. without a trade-down, and maybe with Chase Young still on the board. Safe, safe, safe. High-floor.

2. Kevin Dotson, OG, Louisiana. I was going to put C Cesar Ruiz of Michigan here, but then I realized he would just about be properly slotted. Can’t have that in a Quinn second round! We need a head-scratching reach!
I’m seeing Dotson in many mocks as going in the bottom of the third round. So it seems appropriate that Quinn would take him at the top of the second, then start acting super-relieved and exuberantly slapping five with everybody in the war room.

3a. Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina - We desperately need an EDGE, DT and RB. So let’s take a wide receiver.

3b. Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama - We desperately need an EDGE, DT and RB. So let’s take a safety.

4. McTevin Agim, DT, Arkansas - Are all of the noteworthy D-tackles taken yet? They are? Great! Time for Quinn to grab this wholly unexciting guy!

5a. Anthony McFarland Jr., RB, Maryland. I looked at the slate of available RBs, and picked which one seemed the least exciting. With the added factor of heading to that running-back powerhouse of Maryland yet again.

5b. Michael Turk, P, Arizona State - Still screaming for an edge-rusher? What do you know?! You’re not a paid professional like Bob Quinn! Matt Patricia’s defense, which you’re just not sophisticated enough to understand, doesn’t NEED pressure on the QB! Wasn’t that obvious to you last season? And the one before that?

So let’s do a stupefying reach for a punter WAY before anyone else would have considered one. And let’s interject some Quinn smartest-guy-in-the-room factor, and say they took Turk while the consensus best punter, Braden Mann of A&M, was still available.

6. Brian Lewerke, QB, Michigan State. We have Stafford, we acquired Chase Daniel. But let’s take another QB instead of that edge rusher. Quinn sees things in Lewerke that you just don’t. (Shea Patterson would work here, too.)

7. Tipa Galea’i, EDGE, Utah State. Oh, all right. Everybody of consequence is long-gone at this position. Now it’s safe for Quinn to address it.

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No trades.

  1. CB Ohio State Okudah
  2. RB Ohio State Dobbins
    3a. DL Alabama David
    3b. G Kentucky Stenberg
    4 LB Miss State Gay JR
    5a. WR SMU Proche
    5b. OT North Carolina Heck
    6 Edge Miami Hill
    7 P Texas am Mann
    Not what I would do, but what BQ would do
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  1. DE Bradlee Anae Utah
  2. RB Cam Akers Florida State
    3 a.CB Bryce Hall Virginia
    3 b. LB Troy Dye Oregon
  3. DT Benito Jones Mississippi
    5 a. S Alohi Gilman Notre Dame
    5 b. WR Antonio Gandy Golden Liberty
    6.OT Yasir Durant Missouri
  4. P Tyler Bass Georgia Southern

How about a draft “That you feel most helps the new GM/coach in 2021.”

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This is an awesome point. We all know that Quinntricia are looking at the short term, but Lions fans really should be wanting what is best for the team long term. Quinn keeping his job is not our issue. Him mortgaging the future by drafting for the short term is what kills teams.

You people disappoint me.

Rd 1, trades to pick 23 and takes Austin Jackson, OT.
Rd 2, Trevon Diggs
Rd 2, (from Patriots) Uche

Maybe - If you asked me last year I’d say no way he gets out of round 2. Now I’m not so sure. I think he’s dropping the real question is … how far?

I had Stengurg in the same spot at first. Then I said … that makes too much sense so I switched it … lol

I like your thought process here. It seems BQ passes on opportunities to fix our biggest holes. Or at least what the fans think are our biggest holes.

This is why I did not take Okudah at 3OA.

I’ll take it everyday…Love these 3 picks R.Davis has real potential

Hasn’t BQ picked at least one player from the National Champions in each of his drafts? Gotta have at least one LSU player in his draft this year.

Delpit please.

I’ll take a stab.

  • Round 1 #2 overall: Chase Young (DE - OSU)

Detroit Lions trade #3 overall + #35 overall + #166 overall to Washington for #2 overall and take Chase Young, DE OSU. Bob Quinn needs to win now and opts to add a blue chip player that can help him do that rather than trading down for more picks. The trade/pick value heavily favors the Redskins here, but in reality it might cost the Lions even more to make this move.

  • Round 3 #67 overall: Zack Moss (RB - Utah)

Quinn knows he needs another RB. He’ll be lucky if Moss is available here. I doubt Moss gets out of the 2nd round but if he does, I don’t think Quinn would shy away from adding depth to the RB group and giving Stafford more help on the ground.

  • Round 3 #85 overall: Jonah Jackson (G - OSU)

Quinn finds good value at the guard position in the 3rd round, which he’s done before. He does it again here and lands a solid G that could start for the Lions day 1.

  • Round 4 #109 overall: Davon Hamilton (DT - OSU)

Quinn has taken several DL in the 4th before. He does it again here and lands another OSU standout. 32% of his tackles were for a loss and he’s 6’4" 320 lbs. He can rotate with Shelton.

  • Round 5 #149 overall: Javaris Davis (CB - Auburn)

4.39 speed, tough competitor, family history in the NFL. Quinn gives Patricia another developmental CB in the late rounds. He likely won’t see the field much this year and the Lions will need to find another CB in FA after the draft.

  • Round 6 #182 overall: Braden Mann (P - Texas A&M)

A need is a need. Quinn needs a punter and he finds on late in the draft.

  • Round 7 #235 overall: Joe Gaziano (DT, Northwestern)

Quinn adds another body at the DT position from the bottom of the barrel portion of the draft. Gaziano is an effort guy who can possibly play inside or on the edge.

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