What’s your Bob Quinn looking draft

  1. Tristan Wirfs OT

I can honestly see Quinn going for a OT with the first pick. Reason not having to overpay Decker in 2021.

  1. Terell Lewis LB
    Injured prone player…check. Played on Alabama defense…check.

  2. Cameron Dantzler CB
    Time for a slow CB

  3. A.J. Dillon RB
    Decent back but a little to early.

  4. Terrell Burgess SS
    How many Safeties do you need!!!

  5. Marc Antione Dequoy FS
    One more apparently.

  6. Mann P

  7. Quez Watkins WR
    Deepest WR class ever and they draft one that wont make the team.

  8. Simon Stepaniak G
    Oh shit we forgot to draft a guard. At least we have 30 million in cap space, didnt want to spend any of that money on Glasgow.

Worst thing is they didnt even trade back from the third pick which would drive me insane.

What I see BQ doing:

Round 1 - DT - Derrick Brown - Passed on a superior talent in DT Ed Oliver last year for a TE. BQ tries to make up for it by reaching for Brown here.

2 - OG - Damien Lewis - No BPA here, BQ fills a need and keeps the Lions moving laterally.

3 - DE - Raekwon Davis - BQ loves versatility.
3 - RB - AJ Dillon - BQ gets the power back to fit our scheme.

4 - CB - Lavert Hill - Local guy to appease the fans.

5 - P - Braden Mann - BQ reaches to fill a need.
5 - LB - Michaels Divinity - Versatility rules.

6 - QB - Shae Patterson - BQ tries to copy another move from the Patriots and hopes he has the next Brady.

7 - LS - Steve Wirtel - BQ realizes Mullbach is getting up there in age and finds his replacement here.

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I don’t like this thread…

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