What sucks the most about this losing streak

I think when the season schedule was put out there, we all had the KC game as a loss. We were hopeful vs Green Bay, but many of us had that as a loss as well. The Vikings have owned us, so many of us had that as a loss too. There are many versions of how each person felt those games would turn out, but it was definitely a tough stretch of games.

But the bye week is what really makes this streak so much worse for the fans. We aren’t the first team to ever lose 3 straight games, particularly to quality opponents. But when you throw in the bye, it means we haven’t been able to experience a Lions victory in over a month. Our last win was September 22nd.

The Giants are an inferior team and losing to them probably spells doom for the rest of the season. But more than that, we need the taste of victory or we will literally be going into November before we have the potential to win another game. That’s crazy.

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The Green Bay reffing was so blatantly biased, the FBI should investigate who got paid!


I was pissed over the roughing call, where Mahommes put his own hand in his own face and sold an actin job. That was nothing compared to the GB game.

Also, there have been a half dozen TDs that were exactly like the one they took away from Golliday.

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What bugged me the most about the Golladay TD was the illegal contact/defensive holding that wasn’t called. To me its like “okay, it wasn’t a TD. But its a 1st down and goal anyways.” That didn’t happen, which bugged me.


What sucks the most to me is the run defense, I know they had injuries on the DL but some guys just haven’t earned their paychecks.


I agree with you here on how disappointing the run defense has been. One of the benefits of how we are playing our front 7 (in particular our ends) is how much better it is vs the run. But yet we are getting gashed in the running game. So we are making a sacrifice in pressures for what exactly? OR…are we saying that we’d be giving up over 200 yards a game on the ground if we weren’t doing what we’re doing? That’s alarming if true.

Same here - it was infuriating & ridiculous.

I sincerely hope that getting injuries healed will help to fix this. Definitely concerning.

Considering the NFL is labeled as “entertainment” and not sport, I don’t think the FBI could do anything.