What the heck does this graph mean for Kennard?


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Double team rate as an edge rusher (x) by pass rush win rate as an edge rusher (y). PRWR = rate at which pass rusher beats his blocker within 2.5 seconds. (ESPN metric, Next Gen Stats data)

1:06 PM - 18 Nov 2019

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This chart is every-fukn-thing I have been preaching wrapped up in one damn graphic. Ho-lee-chit!

Visually, you can see the point I’ve been talking about for years when you produce as a low thought of player and then “cross over” into being a player other teams gameplan against. The players who survive that transition and still produce are the guys you spend big money on. It’s hard to explain why someone who has the same stats as another guy is still way, way better. This chart embodies a visual I have had in my head for over a decade.

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maybe I’m way too tired, but I’m not entirely understanding the grid.
Does this mean Kenard is doubled often, but never gets home?

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Even worse, it means that Kennard is hardly every being double teamed and he isn’t getting to the QB. Not a ringing endorsement.


Funny, I was going to post a pic in another thread about the DL that would capture this.

This also captures well a comment about Flowers in yet another thread.

And yet again it captures another thread where we are discussing the talent level along the line.

Kennard is essentially playing the role of a 43 Left DE. In that capacity, he is double-teamed the least, per the chart. The x and y are predictive in his case. He does not win enough to tip coverage. The tie to the rest of the line is similar. Watching Dallas, you see Kennard contained by 1 blocker, Snacks also by 1 blocker, leaving Flowers and Daniels-or-Robinson to face 3 blockers.

We have some talent on this team, but we don’t have enough to make things work. Someone else (Hand), needs to relieve Kennard of those LDE snaps.
Someone else (not-on-the-team) needs to relieve Snacks of those interior pass-rushing snaps in order to give Robinson a shot one-on-one where he can win and Flowers a shot to remain isolated on the OT in space.

This, and the graph is upside down.