What the hell is going on in Bearsville !?

they are bringing in a Packer QB…is T Biskit Busted up?https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-bears-to-work-out-quarterback-deshone-kizer/ar-BB1b90Sk

Kizer actually has a ton of physical talent, he’s just never been able to put it together between the eardrums. Rich Gannon suffered the same problem in his 20’s

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I was not debating or arguing about Kizer’s ability…my question was about all the injuries over on the Bears and IF Trubisky was out for a good while BEING they brought in Kizer…

Nah, I think they are desperately searching for some variety of QB that has more than a noodle arm. Neither Trubisky or Foles would be more than a Clipboard Boy on most teams. Bears actually have good receivers, but their QB’s couldn’t hit a barn if they were standing inside of it.