What the hell is going on in our RB unit?

#1 KJ is injured again.
#2 is vacant.

#3 is vacant.

  1. we might have a special team guy?

did we lose Carson? he seemed to be promising.

how do we let it get this way while our #1 is injured.

Pretty sure Ty Johnson and Mcissick are still on the team…Not sure what u mean by vacant??

RB by committee once again

I thought they got rid of Ty…I could be wrong…

To answer the OP


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wrong The RB group is weak as hell . KJ hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy…and sorry I don’t see anyone behind him that is solid enough to carry the load. Maybe JD Mckissic?
all of our RB’s have together , 2 TD’s and both TD’s are KJ’s.

that’s funny, Tra Carson runs for 2.8 yards a carry , the entire RB group has 2 TD’s…those are KJ’s, all our RB’s have ran for 572 yards as a group. KJ leads the pack by a mile with 308 yards.

but nothing is wrong I guess.

Don’t put the cart before the horse.

The real problem is the Lions don’t have any players who are good at run blocking.

ooooh is that it?:slightly_frowning_face I think we need RB’s that can ^%$#!* RUN and stay healthy, and be highly productive TO HAVE anyone to block for them. KJ produces thee most yards and points, but cannot stay healthy all season.

Ty Johnson has the 2nd highest carries (30) for 108 yards and 0 TD’s, Tra Carson carried the ball 18 times and only has 48 yards and 2.8 avg.

all our RB’s together have ran for 557 yards or some shit.

Our running game is awful, no matter who has carried the ball. Even when healthy, Kerryon Johnson is not a #1 NFL RB. Our run blocking is sub par, but an elite back would still be able to manage to break off some long runs on occasion.

It all boils down to Bob Quinn. This roster overall is no better than it was when he was hired. He has no depth at RB, still no back up QB. The O Line is below average. The LB corps is bottom third in the league talent wise. Special teams is mainly a joke.

it amazes me that people think it is the runner and not the 5-7 guys whose job it is to block him.

The Lions are working out Jay Ajayi today. I loved him coming out before his health concerns came about. I thought he was the best RB in his class.

Coming off an ACL…the Cardinals didn’t want him and they gave up a draft pick to get someone else…meh…

He wouldn’t be the first RB to play well after an ACL injury.

Jay come into the league with a degenerative knee condition. He was a 2nd/3rd round talent that slipped to the 5th because of his long term health concerns. Maybe the time off has helped and he could provide a decent option to bridge the gap until a better option is found. Not sure we’ll find one this year.

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