What will NE do at QB?

Any chance they try to move up for one of the top QB’s now that Brady is gone? What if Tua is sitting there at three, we going to be okay with NE giving us a boatload of picks, or will there be people complaining about trading with NE?

Way too far to drop in the draft. NE not in the picture.


I think they like Stidham. Probably get Flacco or Dalton and roll with Stidham. He looked very good in pre season.

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I have a feeling they trade for Dalton.

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Exactly. I can see Dalton in a patriots uni

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They might still draft a QB, but not one of the top rated guys. Eason, Fromm, Hurts, who knows?

Hurts is enticing, but I don’t know why exactly. His play is often lackluster with bouts of WTH!?.

If they get desperate, they can just call their buddy Bobby Quinn and send him a 2021 4th round pick for Stafford.

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I’m guessing Winston.

Zero chance Belichick rolls with the turnover machine!

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Cam in NE would be great IMO

I dunno. He can’t throw and the have no weapons. Dude has the body of a 55 year old. He needs to become strictly a pocket passer and they have nobody to get the ball to really. Sitting duck. I actually think Winston would have been a dark horse fit. If the best NFL coach of all time could find a way to knock his turnovers in half, they would have something.

Quinn likes doing deals with Belichick. It wouldn’t surprise me if we do a dumb trade to let them pick up Tua at 3.

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Oh, I mean, Quinn’s track record suggests he would ask for at least a conditional 7th rounder in 2022 from the Pats, since we are their single A affiliate since BQ arrived.

Quinn would trade Stafford and an early 6th rounder to NE for a late 5th rounder and then draft Tua.

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Andrew Luck just came to mind…:thinking::thinking:

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Interesting thought.

They will pay Tony Romo $27 million?

Romo becomes the first Player/Media Hybrid in professional sports history earning a combined $44 million between his duties. He announces games and plays in them. In the age of social media and the influence it has…it only makes sense this one day happens.

Maybe they trade Stafford to Pats for Gilmore and their 1st rd pick. Tjen take a qb at 3

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I have Andrew Luck in my keeper league. Picked him up right before the last playoff game. That would be swell if he came back. No way Indy lets him do it anywhere else though.