What will NE do at QB?

If it’s anyone other than stidham, im thinking it’ll be cam newton.

Winston - too many turnovers
Dalton - too expensive
Luck - too retired

Dream come true imo.

They got no cap space, last time I looked.

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Couldn’t they dump someone and then sign cam to a 2-3 year deal that’s light against their cap this year?

It seems teams are always able to adjust things in a way that makes it work. But yeah, I’d it’d cripple the pats completely perhaps that’s not even an option.

Im just thinking cam is currently their best/ most affordable option. I’d still bet against it happening though.

Yeah I guess they could restructure a few of the bigger contracts, but right now they got next to nothin’ so it would depend on what Newton’s asking price is. NE hasn’t got much cap space next year either if I remember right.

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Belichick will somehow get his hands on Jordan Love and turn him into a superstar.

I don’t think Cam and Bill would be a good combination.

Truth. Cam is the QB version of Slay and Bill used Brady as a punching bag in film sessions to make a point. Cam would be mentally and emotionally broken after day 1. On top of being physically broken.

I don’t know that they’ll go Winston, but he has the best chance of success out of all the guys available now, I think. Only Winston has the blind confidence to try and follow Brady and honestly think to himself, ‘I’m gonna be better.’ It’s delusional and bites him in the ass a lot, but I think the guy who follows Brady has to have that kind of attitude. And if Bill is the guy to get Jameis’s turnovers down, he could become a star for them. He’s got supreme skill, if he could just get out of his own way.

wouldnt surprise me to see them trade for a Nick Mullens or Kyle Allen and let them fight it out with Stidham

That’s why I think BB will go after him. BB has a way of taking players like him and helping them to succeed.

Winston has the talent and arm that every GM and HC dream about. He’s just a head case.

Give him a prove it deal and then get to work.

I doubt BB would trade for a QB unless it’s a cheap trade to do. Maybe Rosen in Mia could be a possibility post draft.

Rosen you mean

Yes I was just going to edit that.

Just imagine how many W’s Winston could potentially eat in NE

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I think NE’s short passing game would really help to cut down on his turnover issues. I also believe that BB would find a way to scheme to his strengths. I just believe that BB would get the most out of him.

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I’m not going to doubt that. BB for Matt Cassel a fat contract.

Signed Hoyer, imagine that. I don’t think they are going into the season with what they have. Wouldn’t it be something if they moved up for Tua.

The Panthers added added XFL standout QB PJ Walker.

Besides moving on from Cam Newton, former 3d Rd pick Grier, who some of us liked coming out in the draft, may be a casualty. That would certainly be an upgrade over Blough in the developmental QB Department.

No surprise, he played for Rhule at Temple.

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