What would it take to trade down to NE’s spot?

Saw this posed elsewhere. The premise is that the Patriots are supposedly big Justin Herbert fans.

Problem is Pats don’t have the draft capital this year. However, is there any deal that might work?


Nos. 23, 87, 98, 100
Chase Winovich
2021 1st Rd pick

Your turn.

Quinn will probably take 23 Joe Thuney and pick 98.

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Their entire draft and 1st rounders the next 2 years.

Nothing less.

If we trade with Miami and get 18 in the process, I could definitely see us trading down to 23 from 18 with NE.

I think the premise was NE moving up high enough to draft Herbert.

Yeah that’s the premise of the article. I don’t see us moving that far down. If we had 18 and NE wanted Love/Fromm/Eason instead of Herbert at 3, I could see a trade happening.

Chase Winovich, Shaq Mason, 2020 1st and 2nd, 2021 1st and 2022 1st.

As you can see I really don’t want to drop down to 23.

Build the time machine. Loop me back to 2000. Marry me to Jessica Alba. Make me stick my 401k in Amazon. Give me Tyra Banks as my side chick. Oh, and let me murder CarrotTop, just because.

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We need to stop talking about this please. The thought of trading the 3rd OA pick to Bill Belichick makes me nervous. Quinn loves to trade with Bill; and I am sure Bill is licking his chops waiting to fleece the Lions.

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I have a feeling Belichick is going to roll with Stidham as the starter. There is reason to believe that he might be a steal.

Would have to involve a mixture of picks/future picks and some players

Chase winovich
Joe Thuney
Isiah Wynn
James white
Stephon Gilmore
N’Keal Harry

Some guys that could maybe be in a trade with picks

BQ would know that the critics would never let this lay. Would be an uproar from different angles. He will not do this at this time of his career.