What would you give up to go up and get Chase Young?

Was thinking about this earlier and was curious to hear what others thought. Let’s say Washington likes the top OL just as much as Young and offers Detroit an opportunity to trade up.

What is the max you’d be willing to give up?

2nd rounder? 3rd rounder?

Darius Slay, who the front office wants to trade?

Chase kinda disappeared against Michigan Wisconsin and Clemson

I have to wonder if he is still as high on draft boards after the last 3 games against top teams


That’s a good point. Maybe the redskins won’t see him as a clear cut above Thomas and they go with their LT for the next decade.

If not I’m fine with the Lions taking Thomas and not looking back. Elite prospect with positional value at a position where we may not view decker as a $14-$16 mil per year player. Our defense needs help but not at 3 for Brown or Okudah. If they can trade down for an extra 2nd or even a 1st next year and still get one of those two guys I would be ok with that.


Thank you … I was going to point this out as well. I’m not so sure he’s the second best prospect in this draft. I like the kid but … is he a fit for the MP defense? … I don’t think he is.

He’s a little small for a DE and the Lions passed on several pass rushers last year of similar size and build. Brian Burns being one of them. MP likes DE’s with size who can contain. I believe Young would be wasted in this defense. AJ. Epenesa would probably be a better fit for the MP defense.

Honestly I believe that if he was on the board the Lions would pass on him. I wouldn’t but I believe they would.

So to answer the OP. I think there’s zero chance we would trade up to get him.

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Nothing. If you are trading up it is for Burrow.


I am super excited to see this national championship game. Battle of the QB’s!

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Chase is 6’6", 265 lbs. He’s pretty big and can probably pack on a few more pounds but I wouldn’t want him to lose the speed.

Kennard is 6’3, 260, Okwara is 6’5". 275, and Trey Flowers is 6’2, 265.

CY would be a huge asset in tracking some of those mobile QBs.

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Young would be replacing Kennard. He’s listed at 6’6” 265lb. Perfect size for the edge.

Burns was much lighter. He bilked up to 249 for the combine but there was buzz that he played closer to 235. That is “small” for Patricia’s defense.

Patricia, ROARY and one of those $12 beers

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I’ve seen Young listed from 250 to 265 lbs and I’m pretty sure he’s playing closer to the 250 mark. He looks light. I mean like 225lbs light. He’s one guy I’m curious to see at the combine. If he bulks up… how will it effect his numbers and if he comes in too light will teams wonder about his size too much? I’m really curious to see what his real weight is.

I’m guessing he takes the burns route and comes in on the lighter side. But if he comes in north of 265 lbs and can still move like that then he’d fit in the Okwara spot.

If your talking about him playing Kennards roll than I hate the pick. Young wasn’t used as an off the ball type like Kennard is. We need to replace Okwara. By the way Okwara’s brother is coming out this year.

I think it’s because of his height that makes him look a little thinner and his shoulder pad width is also smaller. He’s in really good shape though.

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I’m a pretty big fan of Young. I consider him a hands down top prospect here. But I still wouldn’t give away much to go up one spot. Maybe a 4th? And what team would do that?
I want more picks. More draft darts.
I like the OT from Georgia a lot, but BQ spent 80% of his resources “in the trenches”, mostly on OLine, and it mattered not.
What is a possible get if we dangled Decker to like the Bucs?

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I would give up nothing.

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I was hoping to see more out of a potential number two overall pick in the Fiesta Bowl

He had what, two tackles and one QB hurry? They weren’t even double teaming him all that much

Anyone remember Suhs last bowl game? He was a one man wrecking crew

I would still consider him a good pick at three but no way would I consider a trade up


If anything we should trade down. I like Young, but this team needs some help. More picks is better for this team.


Exactly on your point about Suh…night and day difference. Same with Clowney at SC. Those guys were unstoppable even against top teams in crunch time. I don’t see any comparison when I look at Suh, Clowney and then Chase Young. I just don’t know that his is worth a top 5 pick the way Young has disappeared down the stretch against the better teams

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Absolutely nothing. The lions don’t need to be trading anything to move up for anyone. As someone mentioned earlier, if anything, trading back is the way to go. They aren’t strong enough at any position to be giving up (potential)players.

I would give up something nominal like a 5th and a swap of spots in another round, but I wouldn’t give up anything of real value.

I figure this will be unpopular take but I do agree. Seems they like big strong DE’s who hold the edge and hold up the tackles and make it easier for the Lb’s to get to the running back and qb. If they get sacks that’s secondary. I can see them passing on him for Thomas brown or okudah…even epenesa. If I remember correctly a lot of our sacks from DE last year came from inside pressure forcing the qb into the paths of the DE or coverage sacks.

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Epenesa and Young were on opposite paths this past year. Before the season they were considered pretty equal prospects.

Young started the season on a tear and Epenesa not so much. But the last third of this year Young vanished and Epenesa went on a tear. Culminating in their respective bowl games. Epenesa has two and a half sacks and a forced fumble and was named defensive MVP in a win. Young was quietly shut down in a loss

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