What would you take for Slay

I think Raiders are interested I want pick 19 in rd 1 for Slay an pick in rd 6

We are trading a top CB who is signed for this season an they can control even next season with tag .

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Minimum to trade him is pick 40, holding out for a first is option 1 of course

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they don’t have a second thats why i said Slay an rd 6 could upgrade to a fifth


Nos. 80 & 81 for Slay and No. 109 overall.

Gives the Lions three 3d Rd picks in a deep draft.

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I would say a high 2nd but dont discount the possibility of a trade for another player.

I just don’t see his value being that high. At this point, teams know he wants out and the lions want him out. We just got Desmond Trufant for 0 picks and there are other corners still out there. I really don’t think we will get a 1st or 2nd round pick. Lucky to get a 3rd. I would say somewhere in the 3rd-5th round range. Take what you can get at this point.

I would be stunned to get a 1st or 2nd, would not complain at all.


I’d rather make him pay than give him away. Then, tag him, if he continues to be a prick. Then, try to get that premium contract at 32. Point is we can cost him about thirty million if we want to.

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I agree with this. High second? Sure. Short of that call his bluff.


I hear ya. I can see what your saying. I am just sick of his locker room cancer. I feel like we are finally cutting bait with all that locker room cancer. Feel like Ashawn was part of that too. I honestly liked the Diggs trade, had a bad attitude as well. I think we are going to finally see a good locker room next year. Slay is the last piece to that attitude problem IMO.

How about Pick 19 rd 1 + pick 80 Rd 3 to Lions for Slay an rd 3 pick 67 to Raiders

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I wouldn’t want to screw Mayock like that. i like him.

Keep it simple. Trade him to Cinci for #33.

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I don’t think the Raiders give up their 1st Rd pick, No 19 overall, in a draft where they don’t have a 2d Rd pick. With three 3d Rd picks, however, they’re in play.

I think we can get a 2nd and 5th for him.


Just getting everyone’s mind off of Darius Slay…

Carry on…


#22 looks good!

…Slay who?

Awesome posts. Man. Can you tell me whether or not we picked him after a trade down?

I’d be happy with a 2nd and a 5th. Any day.

Told ya. 3rd rounder. What I expected.

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What’s do we know about Jones? And salary savings?