What year was your favorite Lions team?

2011, dangerous on all fronts that whole season and nothing like it since.

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i saw that 5 nothing game–50 yard line looked like a battle field—only thing missing was bomb craters and bodies–shit --i don’t even remember seeing grass

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2008, because they never left me hoping.

And Earl McCullouch was WIDE open. I remember running on field on playoff clinching win, and Mike Lucci threw me his chinstrap. Years later, got to know Lucci somewhat in business and we laughed about it. Said he was so pissed off I was lucky he didn’t tackle me.

Remember the year the Thanksgiving game when field was flooded 30-30 yard lines? 12-0 Eagles, all field goals. I remember the Thanksgiving vs. Chiefs when Sanders hit Aaron Brown on sideline & carried him all the way to bench. Real football :smiley:



  1. Was in Djibouti, and had international Game Pass, which meant I could see all the games live. Watched with a bunch of coworkers in a huge football party- four TVs all showing games at once, in the middle of Africa. The Lions won a crazy amount of games at the very end, and even the losses were entertaining.

1991 and 1995 both get honorable mentions. Loved the fact that the Wayne Fontes era teams always seemed to go on runs late in the season and make things interesting (before inevitably losing to GB in week 17).

The 1995 team was fun, and I thought built to win.

The #1 offense in the NFL almost all season (ultimately finishing 2nd to the 49ers) with Scott Mitchell throwing to Herman Moore, Johnnie Morton and Brett Perriman and of course Barry.

Mitchell threw for 4,338 yards, 32 TDs and 12 INTs – and this was NOT the era in which NFL QBs were topping 4,000 yards with regularity.

Barry had a 1,500 yard rushing season.

Mitchell would throw this corner jump ball to Herman one-on-one with a DB and it COULD NOT be stopped. Moore had 1,686 receiving yards and 14 TDs that year.

The defense was middle-of-the-pack but had Chris Spielman, Jerry Ball, Ray Crockett, Bennie Blades, Robert Porcher, Willie Clay…

Finished 10-6 to get a Wild Card berth for the second straight season. Went to Philadelphia and … the biggest debacle in modern Lions history ensued. Mitchell suddenly looked like a deer in headlights, the defense shit the bed, the Eagles’ Rodney Peete (remember him?) shredded them. At one point the Eagles led 51-7 (!!!), before taking their foot off the gas. The final score ended up being 58-37. Easily one of the more demoralizing moments in Lions history, and there have been so many.

But boy, during that season, there was hope, and it was fun to watch.

Herman Moore caught winning td pass from Mitchell in Minnesota and we went to playoffs that year , I think 98 team

  1. Fearsome Foursome and a generally awesome defense. Sorry you youngsters missed it.

I would have to say 1991 was the best with 2011 right behind. 1991 was Barry & Herman, etc…, but I knew we couldn’t get by Washington.

2011 was after seeing 0-16, 2 years of Backus getting Stafford killed for the season and his first full season with 5000 yards, 41 TD’s, and a ton of expectation for the future! We outplayed New Orleans in the first half by a mile, but our defense dropped 4 gift wrapped INT’s and it was only a small lead. They never punted and we lost as the Lions did not have any CB’s whatsoever. We expected the team to get much better, but Titus went crazy and Matt’s mechanics fell apart in 2013 without a QB coach.

The Barry years. I remember Barry taking the hand-off and everyone joined the Lions offensive line in standing around watching him run.
It seemed like the only time any of them moved was to jockey for a better view.
Now, for the older-than-me posters. Does anyone remember Charles Huges collapsing on the field on Oct. 24th, 1971? It was a sad day as Charles Huges died that day. I believe he’s to this day the only player to collapse and die on the field.

In my lifetime there has been no favourite team
It’s been nothing but disappointment year after year
The best years were probably the 7 years I spent in Toronto and didn’t follow the NFL much
Other than that, maybe the early 70s when I was young enough to live in that bubble of ignorance
Now, following the Lions is mostly a pastime, a distraction, for me
Many here keep it interesting enough and educational enough to keep me coming back
But if I hadn’t grown up in the area, I’d never have selected the Lions as “my team”
I can’t understand how a guy like Ig says he’s a fan of a franchise that isn’t “real”
Fandumb is weird …


You get a :heart: just for the word.

Wordplay is fun :crazy_face:

2011 was a really strange year. I think the 5 month lockout with the CBA affected defenses way more than it did offenses. If you look at the offensive statistics that year, they were bonkers (more so than usual). I feel like everything that took place in 2011 was fool’s gold, not just for the lions, but for a lot of the offenses.

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I had season tickets at Tiger Stadium and saw Chuck Hughes collapse on the field. Can remember vividly Dick Butkus waving frantically to bench from other side of field, since he knew immediately this was a desperate situation. I had met Mr. Hughes that summer at training camp held at Cranbrook, him just having come from Eagles. We talked about his precise route running, which he prided himself on. The Lions, I believe, organized a fund to help support his wife & young son, Brandon, which I contributed to. It was somewhat tough to watch another game soon after that.