What's Patricia got to do keep his job in your opinion?

I need 9 wins


Outside of being a pool boy for the Ford women? He’s not going to get fired for having less than 9 wins, the Fords bought into this thing. I think the fans are the only hope of getting them by giving up season tickets, etc.


Playoffs. No participation trophies. If he gets lucky and that’s an 8-8 wildcard berth fine. But even if it’s 10-6 and we lose a tiebreaker I want to move on.


That’s probably irrational but I’m pretty much over him. BQ I am more on the fence about but the fact that he hired MP is a massive scarlet letter that he wears.

Knowing the Fords, I’d say 8-8 will save their jobs.

I do not believe the current rumor of “make the playoffs or get fired” mandate.


I thought the mandate was “contend”


Yes, it is irrational :crazy_face:

They have to be above .500. Also, the way they look playing will be a factor. if they look disinterested, disorganize etc., Patricia won’t make it through the season IMO.

9-7 would contend, and that is what got Caldwell fired.

I’m guessing progress will be good enough for Martha. From 3-13 to 8-8 is progress.

That’s right. A pretty low hurdle especially with the expanded playoffs. We had three wins this year. I actually think there’s certain scenarios where even 5 or 6 wins does not get him fired. Such as: there are significant injuries, we’re winning later in the year (i.e. improving), or we beat some very good teams.
I think if you take Martha’s words more literally, you would need at least 7 or 8 wins to stay. Still not up to 9-7, the reason Caldwell was fired. If it were me, I’d say 9 wins is the minimum. But it ain’t me.

Playoffs. Then next year a playoff win or he’s gone.

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Realistically 8-8 or better and he will be back.

That’s a 5 win improvement over last year. It shows ‘we are going in the right direction’ :slight_smile:

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“Contend” leaves a lot of wiggle room …
I get the Fords position— you want to see something through before you move on
It gets impossible to gain traction when you’re constantly changing GMs and coaches
I think giving them another season was appropriate
Quinn has to get high marks on his draft
Patricia has to have a week in, week out competitive team
Yes, you want W’s but I can’t make a hard call on that
9-7 with a 5 game year-end slide might be the end …
Have to see how it all looks

Playoffs or broom them both.

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I don’t think there’s a number as much as just simply showing marked improvement. I would say that the team will have to pass the eye test, but then who among Ford leadership (including Rod Wood) has an eye for football?

That then had me thinking about how they came to fire the last GM… it was on the advice of trusted friends Richardson and Mara. I think their next-closest relationship is to McCaskey. Yikes. Richardson’s out and between Ford, Mara and McCaskey, they’ve hit the trifecta for worst GMs in football.

It will take a really poor showing this year to fire BQ and MP. Like really bad coaching/ weak development despite good health kind of poor showing. The majority of players are their guys now. This is the year to show drastic improvement if it is ever going to happen.

A housecleaning this year sets us back, due to scheme and personnel fits, maybe another 3 seasons. Not to mention the lost money on contracts to players that are no longer a fit with the next scheme.

This is the lions we are talking about here. Millen had to pick poorly in like 8 drafts plus hire what 4 coaches in order to get fired? Might BQ have a longer leash than MP? I think not, they are tied at the hip.

There is nothing that Patricia can do to keep his job, other than being friends with Quinn. The guy has absolutely no business being an NFL HC and is in way over his head… that’s been obvious since day 1. It’s not going to get better. The talent level on this team isn’t good enough to save him. He does nothing well as a HC, and most fans should cheer for losses as it gets rid of him quicker.

He is one of the worst HCs in NFL history, and the worst in Detroit Lions history. Nothing is going to save this scrub aside from politics.


Kind of funny (sad?) that apparently 9-7 wasn’t good enough when Patricia was hired and 9 wins in 2 seasons later, 9-7 is the apparent benchmark in his 3rd season for him to keep his job. It’s sad how low the bar is set here.

Honest question, when was the last time the Lions went into a season with Super Bowl as the realistic goal? Been a fan since the late 80s and I don’t remember one off-season with realistic Super Bowl aspirations, management and fans. Not the 1992 offseason, none of the '90s teams had a realistic shot. 2011 was the closest to something special but they were never considered legit contenders. Sigh


As others have pointed out I don’t see the appeal at being back at 9-7. So we basically wasted three years to end up moving sideways. Playoffs or reboot IMO

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Be in the playoffs is the minimum