What's Patricia got to do keep his job in your opinion?

Lions draft a QB and it will buy him another year.


You got a point. If they take the next “franchise QB” they might be given time to let him develop for a season

They were talking about this on the local sports radio and now that they’ve expanded the playoffs, this will obviously be easier to attain. So is really going 8-8 and getting a wild card really enough?

I think it would buy him one more year to show that the arrow is truly heading upward or if that was a blip

If he fails to be better than that after that…not good enough. We know 1 and done playoff appearances multiple times is not good enough.

But once…that would be a 1st step. Then he would need to win a playoff game or it’s not good enough

This is exactly what I think. Fans are being lied to, plus the languaging of the “mandate” had zero commitment behind it. “Contending for playoffs,” does not mean the same thing as “make the playoffs or you are fired.”

8 wins should keep them their jobs.

That said, I’m predicting 10 wins, this season.

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agree ,but i would also settle for no blow out in the losses

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did you tell this to the reff’s

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LOL - that’s the biggest x-factor

In actuality, we have to win by 20, to win by 3 (because of officiating)

A 3 win team is better than an 8 win team from GB, in reality. Disgusting.

I don’t think you understand what reality is… because that ain’t it.

Let’s wait and see what happens in the draft but I would agree that given our schedule ten wins is a stretch.

I think 8 wins is possible and I’m fearful that will earn the regime one more year. It shouldn’t but it might

Playoffs or bust.

According to Quinn 9 wins isn’t good enough, but 6 is and 3 is even better.

According to Martha you just have to compete for a playoff spot, which means, they could win 6 or 7 games with a weak ass schedule and that is good enough to satisfy a terrible, lazy, cheap ass owner who doesn’t care about winning.

Next question… :slight_smile:

I think 9 wins does it even if the Lions don’t make it as a wildcard.

Cure corinavirus, kill the Lernean Hydra and balance the federal budget.

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That’s might kind of you to offer MP more attainable goals than reaching the playoffs.

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Honestly, i think 8-9 wins gets it done. If the logic is that they are building a foundation and it doesn’t happen over night then 8-9 wins in their mind is most likely progress from 6 and 3 wins. If they don’t win 10 or more and playoffs in 2021 then they have to be gone at that point. I would like to see the expectation be at least 9-10 wins.

Whoa whoa whoa, Rod Marinelli would like to have a word with you


BQ fired a coach who went 9-7. Yet Matty has won 9 games in 2 years. If he doesn’t make the playoffs you have to fire him.

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Nothing…he will have his job in 2021 regardless of the outcome of this season. You can deny it all you want, but it is the truth. That mandate at the end of last season was none but for show.