What's that you say, tu quoque?

So what you are telling me is that despite everything available, you simply “bought” an excuse without ever doing a minute of research. Is that what I’m hearing? I’m okay with doing research and coming to the same conclusion. I’m not okay with not doing the research and parroting back talking points as if you did the research.

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LOL, no that’s what you’re doing. I did more than a minute of research. Hey, and it’s not me who has to justify his support for the current occupant of the WH. That’s you.

On another note, Biden is indeed Trump’s biggest electoral threat. I don’t think America wants to vote for any of the left leaning Dems and the centrist Handsome Joe is going to look pretty good after another year of Cheeto’s gaslighting nightmare. And the narcissist creep knows it. And just might get himself ousted because he used his office to undermine his chief political opponent and then tried to cover it up and obstruct the investigation into it. So rich. It’s like a Shakespearean drama. Or a Greek comedy really, if there’s a happy ending to it all.

Don’t ever believe the fake news unless they provide rock solid references. Their word is sh*t.

Witness Statement of Viktor Shokin:

“The truth is I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma Holdings, a natural gas firm active in Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a member of the Board of Directors. I assume Burisma, which was connected with gas extraction, had the support of US Vice President Joe Biden because his son was on the Board of Directors.”


Biden is the “Best case scenario” for Trump.

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Beto is best case because his stance on guns assures he’ll never win anywhere but California. But of the realistic contenders, which it was really hard for me to type that, I think Biden is the toughest only because he’s not a socialist: he’s corrupt, he’s dumb, he’s old, and a bit of a creep though.


For real

Beto has no chance in Dem primary so I’m not even counting him.

Biden can’t win a debate with Dems and liberal commentators throwing him softball questions. He rarely speaks publicly. I think Trump would tear him up and it would be a bigger landslide than Hillary.

I’m not going to count out the power of the fake news. But as we get closer to the election and Trump gets to debate these people, he is going to destroy them, whoever it is.

I’m looking closer at Gabbard. She seems to have more balls than anyone else.


So basically you missed on everything. Not only have you not done any research, you missed on my positions. It was the perfect whiff. Congratulations.

Good luck with that theory.

Handsome Joe? Did we go back in time? If so, I’m going to pick up one of these babies…



I’m yet to see an educated response. And I’m told people who hate Trump are highly educated. Please don’t let me down.

You want endless war. I got it.

When you can’t debate something on its merits, you simply avoid it. It makes it easier to stay in your little bubble that way.