What's the First Sporting Event We'll Watch Together?

Heard this question posed a couple of days ago and found it interesting. I’m guessing a June golf tournament with no fans.

Christmas Day NBA. Unless you count superfluous sports like tennis and bowling.

B.A.S.S. ?

I see South Korea is doing baseball with intrasquad scimmages. If someone gets sick, they’ll delay it two weeks. That’s awfully white of them…

NBA games of Horse. Going to be awesome. Rudy Gobert’s been working on this move in which he dunks a Covid-19 testing kit

Dana White is renting an island to host fights. Not sure if that counts. Other than that it will be the PGA tour. MLB looking at playing in empty parks in Arizona.

Might be looking for a place from which he cannot be extradicted.

Lions preseason game #1

I do think a PGA event will be happening in June. I just wont be watching it probably…even if I am sports starved :slight_smile:

I think this is gonna happen soon

Baseball’s Plan

Sequestering all 30 teams in 100 degree heat? yeah, the players must be all for this…

Wrestling never stopped, if that counts.

Manfred is insane if he thinks that there will be May baseball in any capacity. Completely delusional.

Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t think we’ll see any major sporting events with fans until the fall. The NHL and NBA seasons are cooked unless they want to play in empty arenas which would be stupid. Maybe one of the postponed golf majors will be the first. The PGA championship in August.

Forgot about Wrestlemania. Not really a fan but did it go off smooth?

I didn’t see it but apparently it was a good show. They did some stunts outside of regular wrestling to make the main events more entertaining.

Great chick fight.
Undertaker wins main event by burial.

I don’t see how the MLB think in AZ is even remotely feasible, and why they think AZ is immune to the virus.

I think PGA is the only one that makes sense, really.

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Well, Disney & ESPN told Dana to stand down today, so I read.

yep, UFC is cancelled indefinitely now. Crazy times.

June 11th PGA tour event is my best guess

Since that’s my birthday it would be a nice present to me.