What's your X-factor for this offseason?


Some of us have held that suspicion for years. :grinning:




Ha ha! Mommies favorite.:fu:
Luckily, none of my brothers hang out here.:rofl:


X-factor for me is the 2nd and 3rd year guys stepping up and being massive contributors. Golladay, Walker, Agnew, Crosby, Hand, and KJ really need to take the leap and become cornerstones of the team.


Galloday and Hand for me. Plus 2 te sets and an offense that can run the ball and a defense that can stop the run. I think its pretty awesone that in year 2 of MP we start the season against a rookie qb again. Being that its the lions im still nervous…but we should be ready to go this year.

But let us never forget…


Yeah, I had forgotten. Thanks!
I was hanging out with a buddy from Chicago this evening at a local bar.
I had to keep the conversation on basketball and hockey.
Obnoxious bastards!