When did this new Den start?


Tonight was the first I heard of it.


Same here, I’m ecstatic though… Hopefully this board will be up to the old den’s standards.


Real forum software… with polling even!


I am pretty excited about this new board! Nate! Glad to see you still at it! Your boards have always been a favorite of mine and I appreciate that you are back ! I was " enlisted" in 98 and have sought boards with the same feel and it’s failed every single time if you weren’t affiliated. I hope there is troll protection available! Haha


Testing new Profile Pic


Hope the board lives up to the old one with the emphasis on respecting others while talking only football and not some other personal garbage.


Thanks, Nate!! Felt dirty posting at the other place. I don’t use Facebook so I couldn’t spend time with the group over there. Glad this place is here.


Started today, you Early Adopter, you.


Very cool! Lions talk dot com, ‘The Den’… All has a great ring to it!

Thanks to Nate and anyone else involved.

Me4 here, get used to ‘Phizzle’! Old gamer tag…


Glad to see nates back and be part of the new Den.


Agreed, Lions. I was a long time lurker that found it fun to learn the game through the eyes and knowledge of others but rarely posted myself. I was understandably pensive as I wished not to get grilled on responses by the internet tough guys in areas I know will never be my strong suit. I feel very comfortable here as I instantly recognize so many familiar names. :slightly_smiling_face:


LionsTalk.com was the original Den domain name back at the beginning of it all, so this has always been Nate’s property. I think I signed up in 2001?


I agree… this format is smooth. I’m just starting to use it, but it’s the best platform I currently use (I am on 3-4 other forums for various things). I think Facebook is sort of the devil, so I’m not a big fan of posting there. Glad this is back up!


Good morning folks, looking forward to the new forum…


Welcome, @dndlion!


HEY! Great to see ya.


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Well, that was weird! Found a glich in the system.
Tried to respond to this post and it brought up the create a thread screen and wouldn’t let me out, so, I cut and pasted a piece on Stafford’s new finger injury, and posted only my smart ass remark, here!


Hey everyone, I’ve been a lurker on the old sites for several years but never posted. Really like the format of this one as opposed to 247. Thought it might be time to maybe contribute once in a while so I created a profile. Looking forward to the conversations.


Welcome, @BottomFeeder. Make yourself at home. Hopefully we all have more things to celebrate here than complain about … (and even then, misery loves company).


Hopefully, we’ll get back to insightful discussions and debate about Lions Players, Coaching and Mgmt.

The other place became one big “I’M RIGHT!”-Fest…not to mention it has too many cliques…