When the GM has to give the HC a vote of confidence

before the season starts you may as well be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Check out the article on CBS Sports

Can you provide a link please?

I’ll go back and try and find it. It wax on msn website this morning.

Hang on fellas its gonna get worse before it gets better. I feel Patricia is not head coach material never was just benefited from a system. As did Quinn.

The man was asked about “so many players coming out against” him. He shot it down. Go watch the interview.

Twisted perception here imho

There is no indication, none, that the GM “has to” … personal agenda, interpretation … opinions

Nothing more

The Lions are going to be awful this year. Bottom 3 easily. Possibly 0-16.

If Stafford is healthy they aren’t going 0-16. That’s absurd.

Although we might win zero games in ‘20. Good news is we’d be tied for the league’s best record in that scenario

I’m very down on my team too. But a healthy Stafford gets you 4-5 wins alone. I’ll go 6-10 right now. Blow me away with draft and something after the draft, and I could be swayed.

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Patricia is riding a 9 game losing streak and has a 1-12 record in his last 13 games. It’s not absurd. What is absurd is thinking that this team will be competitive.

With no Stafford.
Agree with the competitive part though.

Patricia’s not a very good coach and yet he is 6-9-1 in his last season worth of games with Stafford as his quarterback. The Lions aren’t going 0-16 with a healthy Matt Stafford. It’s an absurd take and you know it.

If you’d said 3-13, that’s fine. I doubt we’d be that bad with a healthy Stafford but it’s possible. O-16 is just another one of your vapid hot takes.

Easy now. They will be a bad team, but their schedule sucks, the division is mediocre, and they have just enough talent to accidentally win a handful of games. The moves that have been made since week 1 last season have made the roster just about the same. Lost Diggs, Snacks, Slay, Decker. Replaced them with guys around the same skill level. (I think we are slightly worse, some folks think slightly better) Now is the draft. As long as Quinn doesn’t completely screw the pooch again, like he does every draft, they should be a similar team talent wise as last year.

This isn’t an 0-16 team. They will win 5 or 6 games, which is all idiot Martha needs to keep Beavis and Buttfuk on the payroll for another year.

What he meant to say was everyone is ok now because we signed all ex Patriots players and got rid of anyone that spoke up. We got a team full of yes men and pussys. I wish someone would ask him if he expects this team to compete this year. Players were calling him wanting to play for Patricia, that’s just another one of his lies. He just out there and makes Millen look like a genius. This guy just is lost.

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Yeah, this is some rich b.s. I mean, the only people that would possibly be calling are fringe roster guys who think they can play a certain role in the shitty Patricia defensive scheme. The scheme that has no expectations and allows back up QBs to look like hall of famers.

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It really is the worse defense I’ve seen in pro football it really doesn’t do anything well. It’s so out dated. When your defense is built to cover and QBs have the success they had something is not good. Patricia was just a yes man, now he’s the guy, the guy with no answer s

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