When you go for it & come up short, this is the aftermath: case study Rams

The best way to replace departing veterans is the draft, but the Rams are short on draft capital. They’ve traded away this year’s first-round pick and fifth-round pick, and they’ve already traded away next year’s first-round pick, fourth-round pick and fifth-round pick. They also traded away their first-round picks in 2017, 2018 and 2019, so they haven’t had an influx of high-end young talent.

Among the departures this offseason were Todd Gurley, Clay Matthews and Nickell Robey-Coleman, all of whom were released to save cap space, as well as Dante Fowler, Cory Littleton and Greg Zuerlein, who left in free agency to sign with teams that had more money to offer. Also gone is Eric Weddle, who retired.

Immediate future isn’t looking so good. That sounds like a recipe for a 3rd or 4th place team.


Yup - agreed. Patriots are the gold standard. Rams were really good for super-short period. I’d most prefer to have Steeler-type scenario, where the guys pop up in a SB every 5-10 years for a lifetime. LOL. Patriots interrupted that for them. Thankfully, they are in the AFC. I believe they’ll be back.
Tom Brady will do for Tampa what Joe Montana did for KC, back in the day. They will be much better, and on the brink of contention for a couple of years.