Where are you watching the Super Bowl?

Each year I hold a Super Bowl party at my house. This year I’ve decided not too because I’m in the middle of remodeling my man cave. Me and some buddies are looking for a place to go watch the game at. I want to go to a sports bar-restaurant that you can actually hear the game. So many turn the volume down.

Where do you what the Super Bowl at?

Can anyone give us some suggestions in the Oakland, Genesee County areas?


Going to meet friends at Sharky’s in Burton. I’ll be the one with the Mahomes jersey. A gift from relative who’s a fan.


Do they play the sound on the TV?

I go to Lions games there and they do. Decent pub fare, lots of peeps, lots of TVs, loud and fun. We’re getting there early to get a decent table.

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That’s not far from my home. You just may see me there. I’ll buy ya a beer if I come.

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I do an annual party at my place. Got 19lbs of pulled pork, 2 crockpots of chilli and lots of other goodies.
4 TVs laid out throughout the house so nobody misses anything, and a few old christmas trees ready to burn in the pit out back if anyone decides to stick around and troop out the cold weather.
Normally a pretty good turnout.
This year I expect roughly 40 people.


I am going to be working. In a bar with no TV (Hotel). First SB I’m going to miss since …? I was 17? 16?

I don’t follow the Super Bowl much anyway and right now money is super tight and in Febuary, I have my truck insurance , Dental bill , and a credit card payment easily over $ 400.00

I’ll watch it from my iPhone from my hotel bedroom! Have to work this weekend …

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That sounds like a lot of fun Running.

The rest of you are a bit depressing… lol

Sister in Laws house in Frankenmuth.

Let the Evil Queso flow!!!

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Most hotels I’ve stayed in have TVs. That way you can watch it on a TV instead of on a phone screen…

Oh- I got the adapter and HDMI cable

I like to play in the words… as “from my IPhone”. As the source of the broadcast will be my IPhone and it will be viewed in the flatscreen…

We always miss wording and misinterpretation happens… when we slow down, and read and actually ask what the sender is really trying to say… we see the message in a different way.

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On a Amtrak bus lol. I didn’t plan my travels well.


Band practice.

Sands in Reno, and I’m betting the coin flip tails and SF first to score.

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You’re going to be wrong on both accounts.

I disagree because KC has started slow lately. And I would rather have tail than head any day.

Too each his own.

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Like always this thread took a left turn. … lol

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