Where is Atticus


One of the old timers I really enjoyed. Atty, if you’re out there, come on back to the original Den my friend! :+1:


I support this message (and any attempts to invite Atti).


Hate to say it, but I suspect that something negative may have happened to him.


Yeah, Atticus was battling cancer and kind of just disappeared. Kind of like Lionsmom, I think the cancer eventually got the best of him. He is deeply missed, he was a class-act.


Yea…i used to look forward to reading his game reviews. Miss them both.


Me too… he had some great insight and perspectives.


Atticus is a lawyer by trade…loved his attention to details whenever he posted something…always relevant. Hope he is still around and gets wind of the new forum, maybe he got tired of the shenanigans on the other one.


Wow, that is a blast from the past. Always thought he was the best poster on the old board. Sorry to hear that he likely lost the battle with cancer.


I agree. Atticus was a class act for sure. I looked forward to his in depth analysis and he had a knack for prompting meaningful discussions. Some days I wish I had a time machine to whiz back to the days of Atti, lions mom, and croudnoise…


I miss Tom Kowalski as well. Drank my coffee every morning reading his articles. Didn’t always agree with his stuff but i always read it.


Did anyone know he s name or where he was from?


This is painful to hear. Atti was one of my favorites from the time I launched this forum. I always read his post-game recaps, and he even agreed to let me post it to the front page of the site. I didn’t know that he was struggling.

One of the best parts of this community comes with the knowledge that, like any family, you’ll experience grief. Spike804 would write me actual letters, and when the site wasn’t making any money, he’d send me the occasional check. Nothing crazy, but enough to sustain it. I’ve since lost one his columns for the site in which he had promised his dad that when the Lions finally won the Super Bowl, he’d visit his grave and say, “They did it, dad. They finally did it.” And when this team does finally win the Super Bowl, we’ll need to do something to honor these amazing voices that we had the privilege of knowing and sharing our ridiculous passion with.

Thanks for the note, pdono.


The Cubs got lots of press for their pain, passion, and dedication to their team, but I don’t think they compare to the loyalty of a lions fan. We live, die, sweat, and cry with every week of every season with this team. We’ve been made more fun of than any team and fan base. We are bonded better than most families. When we do win one, it’ll be a huge party and celebration in many worlds