Where is Wes

He usually posts every day. I hope he is O.K.

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I believe he is in Spain

O.K. thanks.

Hope he isn’t being a spain over their too. :crazy_face:

He banned himself.

Or maybe he was actually Soleimani!

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When ever I see someone who is that active just vanish, I get a little concerned.

There was a fatal accident this morning in the neighborhood of my residential rental house. 23 year old kid ran a stop sign and was not wearing a seat belt, then ejected.
It can happen any day to any of us.

That’s funny because I was looking for you a few weeks ago. LOL


Yep. We’ve lost too many.
There needs to be a Den “Wall of Honor” where we can pay homage to our greats, so at least the names, Atticus, Sheslion, and others are always remembered, if not spoken, here.



I do recall him saying on the football side of the forum that at midnight on NYE he was switching to the Panthers and was done as a Lions fan.

Maybe he got away. I know I’ve tried.

Whoa, I missed that he said that.

Wasn’t sure if he was really going to be all-out on the Lions, but here’s the post.



At midnight tonight I will be on a rooftop in downtown Charlotte overlooking the stadium and toasting to my transition to a new year and new team.

So much winning!

Tiger blood!

Who farted?

Read that post and also the one saying he was traveling to Spain. Hope he didn’t leave, he was fun. Even though we seldom agreed.

He had had enough of the bullshit on this forum. He’ll prolly come back but he is taking a break. Had an email said as much.

Does charoltte, Spain have a sports team?

If he did leave us for the Panthers, he must feel like he is cursed with Luke retiring.

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Cheering for this team is like opening a cursed ancient tomb. You can’t escape the curse by opening a different, non-cursed tomb. That Honolulu blue mummy will chase your ass forever.

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Gotta hand it to him. Walking away as the most prolific poster on this site.

My hunch, he had issues with what went down here and he bolted.

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What went down? The team collapse or something personal. Please refresh me.