Which Draft Do You Like

These are a few different types of drafts for the Lions as FA will determine which is the direction of the draft:

Offensive Draft

FA - DT Jones, OLB Fowler, CB Harris

TD - 5/6 + 2nd plus

  1. WR Jeudy
  2. RB Taylor
  3. OT Wanogho
  4. S Winfield

The Defense gets its juice in FA and the Offense gets elite with Jeudy and Taylor and an OT to groom for a year.

Defensive Draft

FA - RB Gordon, OT Conklin, WR Sanders,

  1. DT Brown
  2. ER Weaver
  3. CB Danzler
  4. LB Harrison

The Offense gets veteran juice and an emphasis on the run game.
The Defense gets an impact DT, ER, CB and LB along with all of the guys on IR back

Patricia/Quinn need to win in 2020 Draft

FA - DE Jones, OLB Fowler, WR Green (Snacks doesn’t retire, Daniels resigned)

  1. LB Simmons (MLB/Spy/S/Rush LB)
  2. RB Taylor - big play threat
  3. CB Danzler - another Outside CB with length
  4. S Winfield - playmaker in nickel/dime packages

Our Offense adds an elite WR in Green and top RB talent in Taylor.
Our Defense adds three impact pass rushers and two LB’s to add speed and versatility and two DB’s who may surprise.

Last one for sure. Though I’d still like to add an edge even with picking up Jones in FA.

Doubt Winfield is there in round 4. That would be such a coup though

A lot to digest here.

I like a little of each one, but I don’t know some of the draftees just quite yet.

One thing weird I’ve noticed about Bob Quinn is that he seems to have an aversion to splash players. He always picks the grinder. And I like that at times, but sometimes you gotta go after top shelf ability too.

They’re all bad. I mean Jeudy and Simmons and Brown are all good players but not # 003 OA good. Although, you may not be interested upon reading that, I think value matters.

Not a fan of any. But I would say the 2nd one

Elsewhere, you have holes on your own roster, you need to address OL, a second RB, a three down LB. WR is a hole, back-up QB. Guard and tackle are not adequate. You have to pick who to sign. If you re-sign Glasgow and lose Slay you need a corner.
So, we need DL depth I think signing the big 49’er Arik Armisted gives us a better DL, Snacks retires this is a must.
Gordon, I am hard on RB’s, Gordon is good but we could easily get that second RB in a deep draft for RB’s.
If we cannot get a reasonable deal with Glasgow we could sign Brett Jones. He could replace Glasgow and he can play all five OL spots
WR is a temporary strength but we have to pay Jones and Golladay. Wouldn’t hurt to have Jeudy in the pocket but 3rd overall. Sheesh.
Wagner due to dead money we probably keep.

The boss wants playmakers. I think Slay talked his way out of town. We could use two corners, a RB, a DE and a LB.

I look around and I think we have to get one with our first pick and move our second pick to obtain another. If we don’t get Young, we need a pass rusher. If Young is gone and so is Slay we need a corner and Okudah is a good one.
I think Young and Okudah and Thomas are all in play. They are all difference makers.
Young/Kenneth Murray
Thomas/Wade or Fulton CB

I definitely don’t want to draft at 3 unless Young is there. But when it comes to guys that could make us better on defense I’d have Brown and Simmons way up there. Simmons in particular would change this defense immediately. I do though understand that he doesn’t fit a Patricia prototype. But adding probably low 4.4 speed and getting Christian Jones off the field would really help us out.

But that’s where we are at. We must get better or we’re screwed. Value is key. I like Simmons, too. Not Brown, so much.

first draft for sure, though landing both Jones and Fowler plus Harris is a little pipe dreamy…but hey this is the time if year to dream…

My preferred draft!



With all our injuries any draft that has us taking a few ER personnel is a must.

Well, Quinn doesn’t agree (Hock, Tavai).

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I think Quinn knows about value. He has taken shots at getting his Teddy Bruschi and his Gronk. I am good with it so far.