Which Lion draft were you most excited after?

I remember feeling pretty good after a couple Lions drafts. I think the one I felt the best about was 2004.

I mean we got an amazing deal in round 1 and netted Roy Williams…who we were targeting anyway. Then we got aggressive and got Kevin Jones. I loved both players at the time. Then Teddy Lehman who I thought was going to be much better than he was.

Just the excitement of those first 2 rounds. I remember feeling like that scene out of Major League when the guy goes these guys ain’t too f’n bad.

Then 6 months later I felt like the chinese guys on the mound saying they’re still crappy.

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I was pissed, when I heard about Barry. I didn’t watch non-UofM college ball, so I didn’t know as much about who he was. I saw how small he was, and that he was out of training camp with a hip pointer.

I loved him from his first run to his last.

Barry’s draft. Maybe not super excited after the draft, but was giddy after the first time he touched the ball (kick return, I think). Stayed that way for the next ten years. No one else compares. Who cares about the rest of the draft? Lol

CJ’s highlight reels were pretty special. And he had a very professional attitude. 100% confidence in the pick. Rest of draft? Didn’t care.

Suhs draft, because I knew there was a zero percent chance he was going to be a bust.

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Probably when we were doing the run-and-shoot offense under Mouse Davis and drafted Andre Ware to QB it in the first round.

A perfect match! No WAY this isn’t going to be successful!


Lol I thought we were going be the real deal for the next 10 years. Well, that was until he started playing and was terrible. He couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Of course it didn’t help that we fired Mouse Davis after the 1990 season and hired Dave Levy in 91 and Dan Henning in 92.

IMO if we had kept Davis we would have had a little more success

I was real excited after the 2004 draft.

We selected Roy Williams (#7), Kevin Jones (#30), Teddy Lehman (#37)

I thought we were going to have a great team for a few years with these young players.

(edit: I’m and dunce…I didn’t read your whole post Simmons) Just ignore my ignorance.

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I loved Jarad Davis and Teez Tabor.

Lol we think alike!

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When St Lois took Bradford and we got Suh!

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NO WAIT!!! 2007 when Oakland took Jamarcus Russell and we got Calvin!


For me i think the more realistic and best trade 5 39 56 141 that gives the lions 5 35 39 56 67 85 109 141 through first 4 rds thats a ton of draft capital to move up in rds 2 and 3 . with these first picks i like this draft.
5 okadah
35 ruiz
.39 dobbin
56 gallemore
85 people jones

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Young me liked the mike Williams draft

I have learned alot since then

I still have flashbacks from that day. I will never forget it. Listening to the draft on the radio while washing my work truck on a beautiful Spring afternoon.

I was screaming at the radio, “Take Derrick Johnson!!! Take Derrick Johnson”

…“with the 10th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select, Mike Williams WR USC”

I still haven’t fully recovered from that moment in time. It’s a scar I will carry to my grave.


We traded the number 2 pick to Kansas City for their 1st round pick number 3 over all, and their 2nd round pick.
Kansas City took defensive end Neil Smith,
which worked out great for them. We then selected Bennie Blades with the 3rd pick. We also added Chris Spielman with kansas city’s pick in the 2nd round.
Here’s hoping we can work out some kind of a deal like that this year.


I liked the 2013 draft because the Lions got Ansah in Rd 1 and Warford in Round 3 (partly because I had several pre-draft arguments with ManeLion over on the other board about Warford being better than Chance Warmack). However, I also remember being ticked when the Lions took Corey Fuller in Rd 6 (passing on RB Andre Ellington), then taking the speed challenged RB Theo Riddick after Ellington went.

Billy Sims year whatever that was

Unlike Barry I KNEW what he was bringing to the Lions

I cried when he blew out his knee

Ditto, I was so excited when we got Sims and he didn’t disappoint.

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You know, it’s funny. I remember pre-draft articles by Tom Kowalski about how interested Millen was in Derrick Johnson, then a negative article came out about he was a freelancer, and the Lions interest seemed to cool.

I miss Killer. RIP

Japanese grounds crew, and “they’re still shitty”.

Sorry, I had to. Top 5 movie for me. “Willie Hayes, Mitchell Friedman? Who are these fuckin’ guys?”

I actually thought we got a steal with Big Mike Williams. I think I was at a Pistons playoff game when I heard about it. Not sure, but I was at an event of some sort and I thought “nice play”. Lol