Which Lions position will be most improved in 2020

I stumbled onto this article and it spoke strictly about the Lions defense. The article thinks it will be the Lions s LBer group. I disagree but I wanted to pool the board.

Where will the Lions be most improved in 2020.

RB, WR, QB, OL, DL, LB, CB, Or ST?

Tell me what you think and why you think it.

I think LBer makes sense because the entire unit is bad. It can’t get much worse… right? But I don’t think the Lions will be replacing that many bodies.

I think DL will likely be the most improved because I’m expecting a lot of turnover.

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QB with a healthy Stafford the production would have been night and day , same with a healthy KJ at RB
The D-Line will look way different it’s possible that the only starters week one in 2020 is Flowers with hand being the only other one returning and rookie Bryant who I’m not starting

Without question it will be DL.

No single group on the entire team failed as badly as the DL. Flowers can’t be the only guy. The team has all the tape in the world. They’ll see the matchups and address the issue. The two interior linemen couldn’t have been any worse as a tandem. (that might be overstating it just a bit, but it’s close)

LB will improve because Tavai will be in his 2nd year. These guys biting on play action and filling the wrong gaps made them look worse as a group than they should have. Not to say they were good, but that they’re execution right now is undermining their talent. I have to believe that will improve.

I think there are several that will be exponentially improved:

QB - Stafford healthy was good for 6 wins in the 2nd half.
RB - KJ should be healthy, but the fact I don’t see them ignoring the position expecting KJ to handle the load will bring another option.
TE - a healthy Hockenson is a huge upgrade over what we had when he was out.
WR - this is a group I would love to see improved, but my guess is that defense will be the focus as Stafford showed he could compete with anyone with the weapons he has.
DL - We have several guys coming off injury and I expect them to address this group in FA and/or the draft
LB - There is no way they can avoid adding talent and hopefully bench Davis, who is almost completely worthless. JRM was twice as good when allowed to play. Time for Quinn to admit the mistake or Patricia to severely limit his role.
CB - I think the experiment of Coleman on the outside is over and the Lions will look for better 2nd to Slay. It could be addressed huge by Okudah or by a decent veteran.

I think the DL will be vastly improved. Most if not all will be healthy and ready to go. Add on top of that you draft either Young, Brown. Improving the DL will help improve the linebackers and the secondry. Taking upi blockers and breaking tdown the pocket will free up the backer to do what they need to do and will make the secondary not have to cover for soo long.

Agree here on the DL because of Hand & Bryant, two unknowns, so to speak. If we can’t trade down and add a Brown/Thomas…The trenches just got tougher.

I really do think they have high expectations for Hand. With the free agent class of interior linemen this year, we shouldn’t be waiting until the draft to address the situation there.

Pretty much have to be the Dline. How could it get worse? It should be the easiest to upgrade. Get some healthy bodies and you’re 3/4 of the way.