Which Lions would you have resigned?

As we are seeing what these guys are signing for, I see a lot of backseat GM’s complaining about “creating holes.” So when I see Glasgow making 44M over 4 years, or A’Shawn making 8.5M per season, or making Slay one of the highest paid CB’s (Jones got 16M per), I’m just curious to see which deals you’d have been fine with.

For me none of them! Maybe Glasgow if I had to choose…

A’shawn meh…And didn’t wanna pay Slay what he wanted when he will be playing that extension period on the wrong side of 30…

I’m not mad about this off-season so far like most seem to be…


Not mad. Just turning the page. This is someone else’s neck in a noose, not mine. They have been given rope and can do whatever they choose with it.

I remain a Patricia fan, but it either works for him or not. His success or failure is in his and his buddy’s hands.


This is where I’m at as well. We’ll have to see what they do at Guard.

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Just Glasgow, which shows how bad our roster was and is. Soon to come will be guys like Decker and Davis who should in no way get a 2nd deal here. They were bad draft picks who never played to the level Bob Quinn reached to draft them.


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Sorry, I should have been more clear. Of the guys we didn’t resign, who do you think we should have. Considering what other teams spent to acquire them now that we know their FA value.

In that case…none…

I don’t think this can be answered until I see what else they do.

I’d rather keep Slay and Graham than just keep that money in Martha’s pocket and carrying it over.

Fair, but call me very skeptical that BQ is going to leave money in the bank so his successor has more to work with. I think he shoots the wad for 2020, like it’s his last chance, because it is.

They all had to go I think. Need a change, after all this is a three win team with those guys.

I wish we would have spent the money for Littleton and got a better contract with Collins (I think we overpaid him).

In that case, none!

I would have valued McKissic over a couple guys we have. Logan Thomas and probably even Sam Martin.

I think Graham Glasgow is who I’ll be watching the most to see how it pans out.

I’m curious to see how he works under Mike Munchak.

I would have resigned Glasgow for what Denver gave him. Slay too, but he clearly wanted out so that’s irrelevant. None of the other guys we have lost thus far worry me. You can pick up depth on the market and in the draft.

I look at it like this …

Martha decided to keep MP/BQ. We know that MP is struggling to gain player respect. Because of this I am feeling we’re better off not signing any and replacing everyone we can.

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Glasgow and Slay were a must in my eyes. The rest, don’t really have a problem.

I would have given Slay 30M guaranteed age 29 and age 30 15M per. No cost if cut after that. he might have felt respected then. But can’t have a malcontent in the locker room.

It will be interesting to see what Logan Thomas gets from the Redskins. I would have brought him back (based on pay)

Graham and A’shawn both got overpaid IMWO. I hate the hole GG left, but he was inconsistent. A’shawn seldom played to his potential, but was DAMN good when he did.

I think they should see about signing Sam Martin. He looked like he was back to form at the end of last season. He ranks 10th in all time average yards with 46.0 and is great on kick-offs. I don’t trust rookie punters.

Tavon Wilson would probably be inexpensive. He knows the system and is great depth.

Miles Killabrew was a leader on special teams and could play safety in an emergency. Again cheap and knows the system

IF they don’t make it through camp that would be a good thing as it shows we upgraded in the draft or with other veterans.