Which o-line coach and d-coordinator should we target?

Which o-line coach and d-coordinator should we target?

I am thinking we should try to find an ex-defensive minded head coach as a d coordinator.

O line coach, probably a bit tougher, hard to find good ones. Maybe someone from the college ranks? Iowa or Wisconsin o line coach?

We shouldn’t be asking these questions at this point. Going into year 5 of Quinn and year 3 of Patricia. We are asked to trust the process, then they fire a dozen coaches as if that was part of the process. Martha got taken advantage of yet again.

Anyway, now that I got that off my chest, I think we need more O-Line talent, but Bevell should be the one making the call with the O-Line coach.

As for D-Coordinator, you could hire Buddy Ryan in his prime and it won’t matter as long as they are asked to run this idiotic scheme of Patricia’s that hasn’t worked in years.

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100 percent agree with you on this.

How much do we as fans really know about what went wrong with the defense?

It’s easy to blame MP but let’s get serious. You don’t get to be a head coach if you don’t have a ton of football expertise. The guy was VERY successful in New England so his scheme didn’t all of sudden become bad.

Was it the personnel, was it the injuries? How much control does the D coordinator have over game day decisions? I can’t image MP was telling PP what to do on each play but I also can’t imagine PP was mismanaging things so poorly either.

One thing is for sure, you can’t debate how little we pressured. We were at historical low numbers for blitzing so I have no idea how to answer that question. MP must have known something but it’s definitely a head scratcher. Maybe guys just weren’t making plays they were supposed to.

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Playing devil’s advocate:

How many decent coaches were available when Patricia was hired who were not already committed to their teams or already on the Lions staff?

I think he was always severely overrated in New England. He has the best football mind as his head coach. He has the best QB of all time to fall back on. His teams got gashed most years. Even in the super bowl he gave up half a hundred points and forced a Philly team with their backup QB into exactly ZERO punts. Nothing about his defenses ever scared anyone. Brady would get them out to a lead, then they would make the opposition 1 dimensional and usually get some timely turnovers. The next year, they damn near shut out their opposition in the super bowl without Patricia and have been better defensively without him, while our defense got progressively worse the longer he has been here.

I don’t think the Lions should hire a defensive coordinator.

I think Bevell should be given pretty much full control over the offense. Patricia should critique, ask questions, and make suggestions, but Bevell should pretty much own that side of the ball. The offensive line coach choice should be Bevell’s.

Patricia should remain as head coach, but essentially “demote” himself to defensive coordinator and focus almost singularly on that side of the ball while Bevell handles the offense.

Perhaps they will hire a DC in name only, but I’d like to see Patricia reduce his role and focus on what is supposed to be his specialty. He should run the show on the defensive side of the ball.

I can’t imagine bringing in a legitimate guy that would want to run Patricia’s defense and would do it better than he does. This is why I think he should reduce his overall role and try to just focus on what he does best. Maybe a reduction in his overall role would enable him to improve the defense.

Again, the offense is in good hands with Bevell.

I’m beginning to think this is the way (Until next year at this time when everyone is fired and we’re starting over again)

To equate it to another situation - Think last year when Brian Flores was the LB coach for the Patriots. There was no DC - it was essentially Belichick and a team of people rather than just 1 guy. The Lions setup would be similar.

Head Coach: Patricia in name, but essentially Patricia and Bevell
Offensive Coordinator: Bevell
Defensive Coordinator: Patricia
Special Teams: To be named (Get a good one who will have free reign with minimal oversight so Patricia does not need to take time out of his schedule to oversee it)

Offensive line coach should be Bill Callahan. He is as good as it gets as an oline coach, and he did a nice job with Washington as interim HC. He will be a perfect fit as interim next season when Patricia gets fired.

DC- It does not matter who they get as long as Patricia is here nothing will change.


I’m definitely on board with Patricia not naming a DC and chaoching his own defense ala Zimmer in Minny. If he is convinced his scheme is sound, then take full ownership of it and right the ship or go down with it.


That makes sense to me - To bring in a guy that can serve as an assistant HC so Patricia can focus less on the big picture and limit himself to focusing on the defense.

Maybe that will help him to fix up some of the defensive issues and maybe even make a meeting on time.

Fraley will be next OL coordinator. Book it.

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i agree with this as well. Id like to see patricia take over the defense. If not finding someone that can come in and improve the D like Bevell improved the O.

Crap, I just had an epiphany. You know who our d-coordinator is probably going to be? That Packers assistant we interviewed for the HC position, Winston Moss.

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MP must give up defensive play calling. His constant 2 gap scheme sucks. If forced to use that scheme …whoever is the DC will fail.

I’d take Callahan as o-line coach


I’d take a look at Robert Saleh, if he doesn’t get the Cleveland job.
Dan Quinn in Atlanta can’t be too safe. Just spitballing.
Munchak has always been one of my favorite OL guys.

For head coach after Patricia’s fired after an 0-5 start next season? OK.

To leave San Francisco d-coordinator position to be the Lion’s d-coordinator under Matty Patty?


Your thinking is too limited, asst. head coach and defensive coordinator. With an eye to replacing Patricia if things go south

Good luck with that.

Russ Grimm is out there, too.