Which of the Lions FAs get resigned?

|Mike Daniels|DT|DET|UFA|-|
|Danny Amendola|WR|DET|UFA|-|
|Tavon Wilson|SS|DET|UFA|-|
|Sam Martin|P|DET|UFA|-|
|Rashaan Melvin|CB|DET|UFA|-|
|Jermaine Kearse|WR|DET|UFA|-|
|A’Shawn Robinson|DT|DET|UFA|-|
|Oday Aboushi|T|DET|UFA|-|
|Don Muhlbach|LS|DET|UFA|-|
|Logan Thomas|TE|DET|UFA|-|
|Graham Glasgow|G|DET|UFA|-|
|Miles Killebrew|S|DET|UFA|-|
|J.D. McKissic|WR|DET|UFA|-|
|Jeff Driskel|QB|DET|UFA|-|
|Darius Kilgo|DT|DET|UFA|-|
|Jamie Meder|DE|DET|UFA|-|
|Michael Ford|CB|DET|ERFA|-|
|Dee Virgin|CB|DET|ERFA|-|

I’d like to see the mule, Glasgow and Amendola…the rest can hit the road!

I think you gotta keep Martin if the price is right. When he effs up he effs up bad but he’s mostly pretty damn good. A good punter is a weapon.

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It has to do with cost vs replacement cost & quality. I would generally like Amendola, would like to see Glasgow but realize they need money and have identified his spot as one we can survive without. I would also see tough decisions with Ashawn, Daniels will have to be based on medical, but the rest are “let’s see what is available at what cost” before we make a move.

Is it wrong to not be too upset with anyone on that list.

Wilson, Glasgow, Thomas, Mckissick…I guess.

Mule, Amendola, Wilson, Glasgow, Martin…that’s about it.

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Amendola, Glasgow, Wilson, Martin, McKissic, Mule, Thomas, and I guess Ford. The rest of the guys can come back for a bargain or walk.


I would like to keep Logan, with Hock and James we would be at least safe at 1 position.

I am not happy with A’Shawn or Glasgow based on both playing for a contract and neither one of them showing much. Will they get better with more money? I just can’t see it. There are 2 problems as I see it.
#1 is there is too much money out there and they will both get paid.
#2 if we spend less than these 2 guys end up getting, what will we be buying? It is like losing Warford and Reiff and getting Lang and Wagner. about the same amount of money and we didn’t really upgrade.

I think a different DC and some draft help (C Young please) will make A’Shawn better. Glasgow was great as a rookie, then good, and now pretty average. People around here like him because he went to U of M but that should not bias opinion. The one reason he may stay here and get paid is that we already need another guard and probably don’t want to use a pick on a starting guard (which would be an early pick) and Quinn/Patricia don’t have time to develop one.

Mule for a million AGAIN… is not expensive and he does the job well. The rest are not 1 of a kind talent so if the price was right McKissic and Wilson would be good since they know the systems. Driskel had some moments and we need a back-up.

Warford and Rieff will still be playing (and starting) next year. Wagner cost as much as Rieff. He is absolutely a downgrade.
Warford just keeps playing in playoff games. We ran him out of town. Btw, I called picking him months before we did.
Glasgow is much better than fans give him credit for.
Bottom line, if you have a good lineman, you find a way to keep him.

I think we resign Wilson, Amendola, Muhlback and McKissic. I think GG gets an offer from us but will get better offer and leave Detroit.

Mike Daniels May be back if it’s an incentive based contract.

Oh, McKissic, too. We’d be crazy to let that kid walk.

This - ford

i would like this but with MiKissic added.

Actually i think most here like him because he was a top 10 rated guard.


That and he can play all 3 interior OL positions.



That’s my take

Here is what I think the Lions will do. Not what I want them to do but more what I expect them to do.

DT - I think Daniels and A’Shawn are gone and the Lions revamp the entire unit. Maybe Kilgo will be back.

Also gone are: S. Martin, Kearse, and McKissic. I think these 3 are for sure gone.

Logan Thomas is probably gone because of Nauta

Ford, Virgin and Kilebrew are all back to help ST.

WR - Amendola resign and the the rest walk.

I think the Mule and Aboushi are back but GG is gone.

Wilson is a wild card to me. The Lions could look to upgrade

For most of these guys, it depends on the money. What’ll it take to re-sign them vs who else can they get to replace them and at what cost? Many of them can get re-signed but still get cut before the season starts, right? So, as long as the guaranteed money is low or non-existent, WTF? Don’t forget, some of these guys are pretty good STers, and that counts for something. Problem is, many of those guys aren’t too good otherwise, and this team needs better depth.

Other thing is, I’m not sure you want too many new faces out there unless it’s a definite upgrade. Keeping most of the guys who already know the offense or defense might help cut down on the mistakes.

And finally, a lot depends on whether Snacks hangs 'em up and A’Shawn signs elsewhere. Can they trust Daniels and Hand to be available for 16 games? Maybe they keep Kilgo for insurance. And I don’t see Wiggins on this list, isn’t he a UFA? If GG leaves, they better try to keep Wiggins, dontcha think? And Aboushi, much depends on the development of Ben-Beau, what do they see in him?

On offense, I’d obviously like to see Glasgow back, along with Wiggins, Amendola, McKissic, and Logan Thomas, all at the right price though.

On defense, I’d keep A’Shawn, especially if Harrison retires. I don’t really trust Daniels to stay healthy, a big guy with foot problems doesn’t sound appealing. So, instead of him I’d keep Kilgo, but I really don’t know about the extent of his injuries.

Tavon Wilson? Okay. Sam Martin? Okay. Melvin? No thanks. Sign a better FA please, or maybe Oruwariye steps up his game. Killebrew? Not really good enough on D, but good on ST. I’d hope to find somebody as good on ST but better on defense. Mike ford? Okay. Dee Virgin? This guy is good as an ST gunner and you need those guys. Maybe the Lions could do better.

I wasn’t real impressed with Driskel as our backup QB. Hard to see him improving his game though. Love the extra dimension running the ball though. I’d like to see what Sloter has to offer.

For what it’s worth, Quinn stated that each year there’s a 25% turnover of the roster. That’s down from his 30-37% that he had been using the past few years.