Which QB is having the best year so far?

I know Stafford is playing well but who is having the best year at QB so far in the NFL?

Wilson and Garapolo are having good years. I’d have to go with Wilson, though. Say, what you will, Wilson is the best QB in the NFL, consistently.

Russel Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.

My biggest surprise is Kirk Cousins 13 TD/3 Int, 72.1 comp pct, 115.2 QBR

That Viking oline is doing a great job for him. Cousins is easily rattled and thrown out of rythym, but, they’re not letting that happen.

Until something changes…Wilson.


Gardner Minshew

So this a screenshot of an article in BR regarding stafford and other elite qbs. I find it interesting how they view Stafford’s play a step below these other qbs for this season. Isn’t it really though? To answer your question, I feel like you have to always put Wilson in the conversation bc he is so dynamic. Rodgers is balling and Watson is balling. Jimmy GG was struggling, knee stuff most likely, but seems now to be rounding into form…

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There’s only 1 qb in football who is top 8 in yds/game, yds/att, yds/ comp, 1st downs, TDs, int %, comp %, 3rd down %, vs blitz, vs play action, qbr in ALL 4 qtrs individually…

That’s who I think is having the best year.

** hint he’s the ONLY QB ranked in top 10 WITHOUT a top 10 run game or top 10 defense or both



Those are your top 5. Wilson #1. Mahomes is obviously a stud, but out too long with injury.

What are we basing this on? Stats or wins?

I dont even think i would have dak in the top 10.


Brees is incredible. If he’s healthy he is in the conversation as the best.


I’m basing my opinion purely on individual performance, record be damned. I’m also not considering who will win MVP… that award has its predetermined top 5 and if you’re one if those you have a huge % advantage.

I’m also NOT taking into consideration lifetime body of work… only this season

I’m curious as to how you justify Prescott as a top 5 qb?

How many GMs and HCs would take Stafford over Dak? I think most.

  1. he LOVES Dallas
  2. Hates Stafford

Based on performance AND stats to back it, Wilson is the only QB that competes in every category as Stafford THIS year.


I’ve posted my argument in another thread. You can look for it there, or just follow the NFL.

Lol. Nobody takes what any of us say about the NFL too seriously, least of all you.


Iggy, what’s the point of even trying to talk to you. What’s the point of you even posting on this board? All you do is trash and ridicule anyone who disagrees with your all knowing takes. It’s really interesting that you believe Dak is a top 5 qb based on this year when he hasn’t done anything against teams who are good. His good games, his stats are all from teams like the dolphins, giants and skins. He played like crap against the packers and the jets. His reads were horrible against the packers. I have always tried to give you a benefit of a doubt, but this Dak take just shows that your just a hypocrite. Bc you have killed stafford for games that Dak has had. You can’t say anything about stafford this year bc you would get laughed out of the den and your smart enough to know that. But your waiting for the other shoe to drop. Your predictable. Something bad happens in a lions game, BQ does something or stafford makes a mistake your the first to post a thread about how your right and a real team, GM, qb would have succeeded etc. LOL.