Which team is best at drafting the best players?

Which team (or GM) is the best at drafting the best players?

Probable the two in the last 10 years that come to my mind are:
Steelers - Kevin Colbert (best overall drafter)
Vikings - Rick Spielman (best early rounds drafter)

I also like what the Bills have been doing lately.

Off the top of my head, Pitt, NE, Balt & NOLA

AS much as it pains me to say , of recent The Dallas Cowboys are #1 and the Chiefs and Raiders are a close 2nd .

I consider Baltimore to be the class of the NFL when it comes to the draft, if we are taking a longer term view of it.

I’ve had the opinion for some time now that Rick Spielman’s issues in evaluating talent gets covered up with damn good coaching by Zimmer and the boys. Rick drafts straight out of a draft mag like Millen used to do. Grab a draft mag and see who the next highest rated guy his, and that’s who Rick is probably going to take. The difference is he’s handing the team to Zimmer, not Mooch or Rod.

I love to hate on the Cowboys, but my god has Jerry suddenly started crushing the damn draft. WTH happened to all of a sudden improve by so much?


When it came to drafting I thought the world of Ozzie Newsome and right behind him was Kevin Colbert for me…and I hate the Steelers. But the Steelers and Ravens have epitomized what good/great drafting is all about. Injuries and free agency never seems to hurt these teams. They don’t fall off to far and even when they have an off year…I;e miss the playoffs…they creep right back in it!

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Agreed. They’re building a TOUGH team for the long haul.

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