Which would you prefer?

Saw this question somewhere else but can’t remember where, so can’t reference it.

Here is the question…if the Ford’s were to only fire one of Patricia or Quinn, who would you prefer?

Personally I would go with Patricia as his scheme doesn’t seem to work and he refuses to make changes…and one of the things I was excited about was the fact that he was supposed to change to game plan for the team we play…but I have yet to see that.

On the other hand Quinn brought him here so there is that…and his drafting leaves alot to the imagination.

What say you?

Patricia for sure, but it will be both of them. I believe their contracts even run out at the same time. I’m ready for an entire rebuild!

I would keep Quinn over Patricia and it is not close. For me it’s simple: There is a possibility that the new GM could be worse than Quinn. It is not possible for a new HC hire to be worse than Patricia. Patricia is one of the worst HCs in NFL history. Quinn is not one of the worst GMs.

Both should and will be fired though


Again I find myself agreeing with iggy here. BQ has made plenty of boneheaded decisions, so have a lot of other GMs tho. He’s average at best. He had given enough talent that an average HC could get 8 wins and a good coach could have this roster competitive and in playoffs. So it’s Patricia by a huge margin for me to be fired

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Agree with this - I cannot see one thing that Patricia brings to the table as a head coach which could be described as a strength or a reason to keep him in the job. His scheme, football culture, in game adjustments, 2 minute offence and defence etc etc etc are simply not good enough and offhand if you were to rank head coaches in this league he is in the bottom three.

Quinn is an unspectacular GM from what I can deduce. I do find it odd that for all his talk about building through the trenches that we have a defensive line which is utterly threadbare.

Personally, i’d like to see both go but I think the team will improve simply by not having Patricia as the head coach - even with a mediocre stand in between now and the end of the season I think the team will improve by simply not having Patricia as head coach and the defensive players being beholden to his defensive scheme which simply isn’t working and doesn’t look like changing.


No one worth a shit would take this job if Patrica was forced on them.

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Patricia is Historically bad. Quinn is subpar.

I want someone who philosophically wants to build thorugh the trenches, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Competence would be a nice touch as well.

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Quinn is below average, Patricia is below replacement level. Patricia is the worst coach in Lions history in a sea of horrific coaches, he’s worse than Marinelli.

Watch the team play, it’s a cluster fuck. Missed assignments constantly, predictable schemes, not playing to players’ strengths. All signs of a poorly coached team. The Lions have some talented youngsters, dump this guy NOW before he ruins their careers. He’s already sewering Walker and Okwara’s career as recent examples, get him outta here.

When @BigNatty has negative things to say about you, you know you fucked up.

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This made me laugh, brother.

I would probably love the dude as a neighbor…buuuuut… that doesn’t mean I want him coaching my Lions. :wink:

Him and Marinelli could move into my neighborhood, and we’d bbq together.

That said… Get off my fucking sideline, Patricia!

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If only one had to go, it’d have to be Patricia. The coaches and schemes are his. Quinn’s efforts in the draft and free agency for Caldwell were atrocious.

If you’re peddling your bicycle and suddenly have two flat tires, which one would you change? Probably your back tire, but if the front’s flat too, you’re not going very far.

Lots of GMs get a 2nd coaching hire in the NFL and all other pro sports.

It would be an easy decision to fire Patricia and keep Quinn if you were gonna keep one

About the only worse HCs I have seen in the NFL are Rod Marinelli, Hue Jackson and the guy Patricia just beat.

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I’d fire Quinn. You can’t miss on as many top picks as he has and expect to be good no matter who the coach is.

If he hit on just a couple more of his 1st & 2nd round picks it would make a huge difference.