Who could we, MP, get for a new DC

So, assuming the coaches stay for another yr (Which I hope happens.), who is available and or who would you want for a new DC that would fit what MP wants …

I have no clue but would love to hear about it!

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Rod Marinelli will be available.


When in NFL history has a coach replaced both coordinators 2 seasons in and it worked out long term or even short term?

How are you building continuity by replacing both coordinators?

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What respectable D- coordinator would come here to run Patricia’s defense? The answer is no one. He will probably have to find someone from a community college or something.

There is a reason Matt P. hired a has been buddy of his. Now, he can find a coffee boy to follow orders in exchange for a first time DC job, but I don’t see any great defensive mind coming here to run a scheme that basically consists of getting picked apart until either the opposing offense coughs the ball up or they reach the end zone. The only time this defense looked competent was when they were getting turnovers. Without getting a bunch of turnovers, they are manhandled in every game. Even against rookie QBs and CFL caliber QBs.

Paul P is on his way to retirement anyway, so it was fine for him to collect a check here and basically be a mascot on the sideline. Any younger up and coming mind wouldn’t dare touch that job, without severely tarnishing their resume going forward.

The Falcons replaced both of their coordinators after 2 years and a Super Bowl appearance. In that 3rd year the team regressed, in the 4th year they had another big regression and now in the 5th year they are in a free fall competing for the #1 overall pick.

On the flip side Dick Vermiel with the Rams got rid of his DC after year 1, his OC after year 2 and in year 3 he won the Super Bowl.


Thanks Wes!

Asking what I think is a valid question and only the whiners respond with thier boo hoos and no support …

We have a high quality OC imho and he is going end up being a major player in who replaces Matt when that time comes.

MP adjusted from his rookie yr to this yr imho… I expect the same from 2-3…

Only change as an ignorant fan I see is the SC and maybe the ST…

Who could it be?!


Dick Vermeil is also one of 2 head coaches that won a Superbowl in the salary cap era after starting with 2 losing seasons.


I have no problem with him at DC

What adjustments do you see that Patricia made from year 1? I am very interested to know.

We can bring him in as DC, and Hue Jackson as RBs coach/assistant HC. That way you can have the 3 worst coaches in the last 15 years on the same staff.

You know how much I want Patricia gone BUUUT he did go outside his circle and hire Bevell.

Who almost single handledly lost 2 games this year. (the idiotic time out and the dumb ass play call against Oakland). Just want to be clear here. His overall play calling and scheme has been a good upgrade, but it doesn’t matter when you flush games down the toilet by being a fool at the most crucial times.

I"m going to say we have 1/2 of a high quality OC. Once we go to the half the offense just shuts down or can’t adjust. It’s almost caldwell like in that “we don’t make adjustments we just expect better execution”.

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And I guess only Jesus , the only perfect person to ever walk this earth, is your only pick…

I mean any perception of a mistake and dump them right?!

You guys are hilarious


Iggy - go back to the preseason and beginning of this season …

There were articles on how he adjusted his teaching, approachability and he did ax JBC and pick up a new OC…

There were a few posts here and on 224/7 about it as well… the positives.

Like him or not, I see a personality that knows how to adjust and he will …

Just me!

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Oh, save it.

The timeout COULD be considered a mistake, although the analytics show that Stafford always gets the play off and never takes delay of game penalties. So, it was a very poor choice, but could be forgiven. Taking Golladay, Amendola and Marvin Jones off the field (when TJH was already out) for the most important play of the season was a choice and a very stupid choice.

He ran a play action (even though we couldn’t run the ball) to his 5th RB, had Stafford roll left (not his greatest strength), then had him throw to his #4 tight end. On the most important play. It was almost intentional sabotage.

You play 16 games. You cannot throw games away with dumb moves like that in crunch time and not get called out for it.

Get off the Monday couch and apply for a job then… you know so much more than they do…

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OMG! Reason and logic? WTF? Can you do that?
Consider your audience, brother…is this really the time and place for reason and logic/facts?
You sir, are out of line…and I really appreciate it.


He puts up enough points to win football games. “OMG I can’t believe Bevell can’t score 35 points a game, what’s wrong with him!!!”