Who do Lions draft first (2020) and at what spot?

I’m predicting Lions pick 11th and draft EDGE AJ Epenesa, 6’6 280.

Not the best pick on the board but desperation tells me he will be available and the Lions bite.

They will reach, like always, and take a 245 lb guard from North Dakota State or something.

They’ll probably reach for D’Andre Swift.
With a name like “Swift”, he has to be a good RB, right?
That should make Stafford happy, though.
If he can do 6.6 ypc in the NFL, I’d probably be happy, too…keeping in mind Ty Johnson averaged 7.4 last year.

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Kneed Moar Wepenz!

Maybe if we have a regime change. Our current scheme doesn’t ask DEs to bring a lot of pass rush. I know Hand was hurt and Flowers started slow, but are you really going to spend a 1st rounder on replacing one of those guys? I wanted a pass rusher last draft, but I was looking at more of a Kennard upgrade, an OLB/DE type which I think is a better fit for this scheme.

What sucks was 2019 was loaded with pass rushers and DL and we spent our first three picks on… well you know.
Now if they change the scheme because it sucks, then all bets are off.

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Hand is too injury prone to not consider drafting a DE in the 1st


Best TE in the draft at 12.

Punter or long snapper pick 10.

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Epeneza would be very high on their board I’d think. Doubt we pick high enough to get him though.

I’ll go Curtis Weaver Boise State at pick 19

look, this team doesn’t have many Defensive beasts or even solid back ups, Stafford is playing some pretty damn great football with THIS offense MINUS the run game that we have no idea what it is but broken and weak halfway through the season. [quote=“BigTenPhan, post:4, topic:2422, full:true”]
Kneed Moar Wepenz!

Look Stafford is playing well with who we have MINUS the RB unit which is lacking and a Defense that is almost dead last in the league. In addition, the O-line is a little suspect still and we are losing more games than we SHOULD-have won ! you take an ignorant shot at Stafford and that’s all it was - your sarcastic remark about needing more weapons/ better players even though we are going to draft each and every offseason, in addition to going through the free agency period, and that as well.

Don’t know if you noticed Big Ten Phan, but we aren’t exactly kicking ass and taking names out of our opponents --which means what ??? well gee, it means the team needs stronger, more durable , and improved playmakers on it . not hard to figure out. So you don’t need to be a smartass and add absolutely nothing to football conversation.

I really want a DE with the 1st pick.
Then best tackle in round 2
Round 3 best RB
It’s also going to depend on what we do with FA signings.

I really wish the NFL allowed futures drafts. In meaning, draft TLaw and wait for his eligibility. Would have drafted him at eight last year and wait two years.

Hard to say what will be available picking at 32 :joy::rofl:

If I’m the Lions at the 2020 draft:

  1. DE
  2. CB
  3. RB
  4. OT


Need to fix the trenches.

You like Epenesa better than Yetur Gross-Matos, and Derrick Brown, or do you think they’re off the board?

I predict Grant Delpit S LSU. at pick 10

This franchise has been trying to do that since before Quinn got here.

Some progress … :smirk:

I think the Lions will be drafting around the 11th mark just in time to grab Epenesa.