Who Do We REACH For at 35?

In the spirit of BQ’s annual tradition of head-scratching second-round reaches, who do we extend for at 35 in lieu of the stable of studs that will be available?

I’m saying a running back (Zach Moss) or a DT (but not Blacklock or Madabuike).


Cole Kmet

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The son of Ikaika Alama-Francis.


Not to be a spoilsport , but I don’t think we’ll see a head-scratcher at 35.

If there’s an obvious crying need for this team it’s for a pass rusher. Anybody who follows this team knows it, and it surely can’t be lost on Quinntricia. And, thankfully, there a few guys on the board who should give full value for the pick. I hope it’s Epenesa.

But to play the game, I’ll go with Rodrigo Blankenship, punter, Georgia. No wait, Jacob Eason QB. That would surely melt the board down.

Terrell Lewis

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Leki Fotu. Dline Utah

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To be honest, after yesterday’s mass disappointment, my heart isn’t really I’m it. Hopefully, the three picks today will reel me back in. Still a shitload of talent out there and we need help damn near everywhere. Pretty hard to muck things up, but I’m confident in our regime…


Your mom!


i really think BQ surprises us by not being a jerk and goes DT or edge rusher===which we really need , and leaves us scratching our heads wondering how he figured this out

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The Usual Suspects here would cheer if the pick was S Xavier McKinney.

He ran a 4.63 40, so he’s what we look for in a defensive back.

And safety is about 4th or 5th on our list of needs.

So, with elite edge rushers, RBs and D-tackles all over the place, the Lions will pick McKinney.


I feel the same as Syd following yesterday’s uninspiring nothing burger.
Anyway, here’s my pick for reach of the day.
Quinntricia love their big body LB’s.

Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State (6-3, 247 pounds)

Harrison’s best qualities lie in how he flies upfield against the run and finishes so well as a physical tackler. His ability to grow and develop as a more viable cover man has caused his recent rise.

insightful thread.

This is in play, I think. Apparently we spent a lot of time interviewing/researching him. Hopefully they’d hold off til the 3rd given his injury history, but you never know.

My guess is Logan Wilson, though I don’t think it’s really that much of a reach.

This is probably it.

Agreed. Lewis would be a great pick up in the third. Wilson would be a great fit, i just suspect they are pretty happy with the LB that we already have.

Pretty well said. Couldn’t agree more.


I just don’t like Lewis. I’d much rather have Darrell Taylor or Johnathan Greenard.

was Jeff Okudah a reach—just asking??

100% yes.

Doesn’t mean he can’t be a really good player, but there is a reason NO other CB has been taken that high in 23 years, and the one that was, was the best player in America and a Hall of Famer in the making.

Okudah was never the best player in America. He was not even the 3rd best player on his team. According to the Big Ten, he was not even the best defensive back in the Big Ten.

Yes, it was a pretty big reach. Not as bad as Hockenson and Tavai, but it was a reach, nonetheless.