Who do you guys want the Pistons to draft?

I know this isn’t about football but the football world is slow right now. I’m just wondering who you guys want the Pistons to draft?

Many mocks are saying Lamelo Ball is likely.

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I hope not. Nothing against him but dealing with his father, no effing way.


I have gone from 10 years of NBA League Pass and hardcore fan for 35 years to not watching a game in two years so I have no clue at all…based on reputation I would be Leary of ball but I am not informed enough to really have an opinion.

We need a lot.

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It’s such a terrible draft class. Melo is one of the few guys with star potential. Him, Edwards, maybe Deni Avdija, Toppen perhaps. I don’t happen to be a huge fan of Wiseman especially with the way the game is trending.

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Yeah, I don’t want anything to do with anyone named Ball…just because of his ridiculous father, that dude is a true ass-hat!

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Not even Jerry Ball

Wiseman. Ball shot 25% from 3 in Australia. Where the talent level is like, probably the MAC.

It’s a huge turd sandwich of a draft class. Fortunately, like the Tigers and Wings, the Pistons will be drafting early in the lottery for awhile.

Big no to the Ball kid. You get the head case dad in the package. Nothing but drama.

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Obi Toppin. The guy’s going to be a star.

Who do I want? LaMelo or Anthony Edwards. Long, scoring guards with freakish athletic ability who can be great distributors as well.

Who do I think they’ll take? Killian Hayes. The most likely option if they stand pat at 5. Long facilitator guard with the potential to become a good scorer as well.

We’ve got our 5, a 3/4 wing, and a 2/3 sharpshooter for our young core, we just need a point guard.

I’ve never seen Ball play outside of YouTube highlights. It’s my understanding that a lot of scouts think that shot selection is what hurts Ball’s percentages and that while his release is a bit low his mechanics aren’t a horror show like his brothers.

Wiseman reminds me too much of Greg Monroe. Nesmith might warrant some consideration in such a week class. At least you’re getting elite shooting.

Edwards is probably the safest bet in the draft but he’s not a great shooter either.

I honestly think it would be a good draft to trade back in and pick up some assets. Not sure if you’d get any takers though.

Edwards reminds me of a young Russell Westbrook.

I like Obi Toppin a lot.

I was just reading that Luke Garza doesn’t know if he’s going pro or staying at Iowa, not that he’d be an option at pick 5.

That’s not a bad comp for Edwards. I think he’s bigger and not quite the playmaker that Westbrook is but similarly freakish athleticism.

I like Toppin as well. I’m just a little concerned that his game is too similar to that of Derrick Williams which didn’t translate well. I think Toppin has better handles though which might make a world of difference.

Zero interest in Wiseman, the Pistons just rid of their Wiseman. The point guards aren’t all that enticing because they can’t shoot so it’s Edwards (need to win the lottery to get him) or Toppin for me.

Toppin is probably the most underrated of the top end guys, crazy athleticism and his shooting really improved, can handle the ball too. His movement is a bit awkward but he has all the tools. Nice to see him getting some love around here.

Ultimately I think the Pistons will take a point guard. It’s their biggest need and the top of this draft is rich with point guards. Anthony is a sleeper for a Pistons pick. He has that “alpha” mentality that I love in a player but he’s highly inefficient and a bit smallish.

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Well, maybe Killian Hayes is in play then.

I could see Hayes being high on their list. I like him but, again, another PG with shooting concerns. However, he has the size and athleticism that you like in a point guard. Apparently he’s friends with Sekou as well so an extra bonus

If they’re going point guard (and can’t grab Ball) I think they should try and move back. I don’t think the gap between Mannion at 15 and Anthony or Hayes much higher is very big.

Haliburton was insanely efficient last year so depending on how analytics focused the brass is he might be in play as well.

Man it really is just an awful class. 2013 is the only class in recent history that was this bad. I thought last year’s class was weak but this year is just wretched. There were probably five guys in the ‘18 class that would go #1OA this year. Perhaps even more than that.

The Pistons are straight up mess. Christgian Wood showed a lot in this short season but he kinda plays the same position as Blake Griffin.

There is no true center, no real point guard, Luke Kennard doesn’t seem like the SG of the future and there is no way of knowing what they have in Sekou Doumbouya. Just take the best available player and see what you can build in free agency. Blake Griffin needs to be traded but dang…who would want him at this point? Huge contract and not healthy.

I think Blake likely stays and if we can lock down Christian he simply has to play center. Ideally get your ball handler in place and go from there. If I have to make a choice from who is likely to be there…I like Killian Hayes.

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It looks like a weak draft, but it’s at a major disadvantage because the seasons were cut short plus there was a lot of injury/suspension with the top players. There’s some good talent but just so much unknown with these guys.

I think what makes the draft look weak also is no surefire superstar like last year with Zion and Morant. I’d say that 3-10 or so compares favourably with last year.