Who is the leader on this team?

Heck! Who is A leader on this team?

Seriously, I don’t know. Stafford is good, but he does not know how to rally this team; to pump them up. Who is there?

I see a team with no identity. Where is Nate Burleson? Where is Stephen Tullock? Louis Delmas? Even when we were bad we had some fire at least.

I don’t think this team will crash and burn, but only because we don’t seem to have any flammable materials.

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Stafford is the leader and we have good players in Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Darius Slay , Snacks , Danny A , TY Johnson, KJ , too early to lable Hock , but we have building blocks, I like Coleman , Prater , and a few others. we had a top 10 Defense last season, but they started Ice cold…this season they are just Luke warm to serviceable right now…but who knows where they end up.?