Who is the top guard in this draft?

I have seen Ruiz cushenberry or the Guard from the badgers.is there a guard. At two worth taking who could start right away or better yet a guard at three ready to start? I feel next to cb this is lions biggest need

I think Biadasz something like that, lol will be there in the 3rd. I’m guessing Ruiz goes in the 2nd. I would love to get one if them

Those are all Centers. They could play guard of course. Probably a better Center glad to be honest.

The top pure guard is probably Kindley or Lewis. Maybe Muti.

Lemiux can come in and start from Day 1. Simpson as well.

I think guard may be 2 picks in this draft, depending on how the board falls. We just don’t have any solid depth and the only other name on the interior OL is Dahl and he was injured part of the year. Adding two drafted prospects that can play at C or G could solidify our OL for years to come. As far as names of prospects, I don’t know anyone beyond the names already mentioned but I imagine there will be some good hidden gems in this draft.

I like Kindley, but ya they can play both. I like the versatility having a backup center in case Ragnow gets hurt. Though I am on board with a road grader OG as well.

I could be wrong, but it seems like Ruiz was originally a OG at UM, or at least played guard for a 1/2 season or so.

He came in as a center but started as a guard as he was one of the best OL players on the team (as a freshman) and UM had a good center when he came in, Molk iirc. He moved to center when Molk left.

I like Lemiux as well. I feel he is a better pass protector than run blocker. I love his nastiness and toughness

Thanks, I was trying to recall who the center would have been before Ruiz,. Blanking big time, was pretty sure he’d played OG but without recalling the center wasn’t positive. I like Ruiz a lot. We manage a trade down he’d be high on my list

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I think Garnett can be our road grader. He’s more talented in that capacity then any guard in this draft.

I think Adenji from Kansas would be a nice add. He’s more of a get him on the move type and your converting him from tackle so there is less certainty. A lot of upside though.

Hi FRM been a long time, nice to see you again.

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Wirfs if he plays inside.

Big fan of Cushenberry, maybe in the fourth.

I like Offensive linemen that have played in a pro style offense or at least a pro style blocking scheme. I think they are usually more NFL ready.

Ruiz can play both C and OG. I really like his play. He comes from a pro style offense and would be an upgrade over GG.

Jonah Jackson is a name that isn’t getting much traction on mock draft sites but I think he will be a day two pick. I like him and think he’d be a good fit for our offense. Solid pass blocker with pro style blocking experience. He’s only allowed one sack in over 1000 snaps. Not to mention we know OSU has some of the best run blockers out there. The kid is very good in both the pass and run. Way underrated in my book. i won’t be shocked he is one of the top OG’s taken.

Lewis is a beast and theres not much to dislike about his game.

Robert Hunt would probably be higher up my list if he had more than one year experience in a pro style blocking scheme. But I like what I see. I think he could be a good one.

All of the following should go in rounds 2-4 but I’m not as high on these guys. Yet I do like them. However I’m not sold they are an upgrade over GG. They may need a little time to develop.

Day 2-3 possibilities that I like are Nick Harris, Stenberg, Lemieux, Kindley, and Bredeson.

Throckmorton Is one that intrigues me. He’s a versatile chess piece that’s taken snaps all over the OL. He just feels like someone we would target.


This is a good OL class.

Logan Stenberg is my favorite guy. He’s mean and nasty, he carves out lanes in the run game, he’s smart. He’s not the most athletic guy in the world which is why he’ll last until the 3rd/4th, but he’s athletic enough, I think.

Throckmorten would be great. He could probably be fringe average LT in a pinch for a couple games if Decker were to suffer an injury. He’s be be plus at RT and at least average at both G spots. Really, really great and brilliant kid too.

If somehow we could get Throckmorten in round 3 I’d be over the moon with that. 35 seems a little high but I could live with it I guess.

Throckmorton’s always available in the 7th round on the TDN mock draft machine… you really think he’s a 3rd rounder? I haven’t seen him mocked that high anywhere.

He was consistently mocked on day 2 earlier in the process.

He had a rough time with Anae at the Senior bowl and a week combine but he has tons of really good tape at multiple positions.

He’s not a great physical specimen but he’s a technician, extremely versatile, proven performer, mentored by perhaps the best OL guy in the college ranks, a team leader, gonna be a surgeon so he’s brilliant (enter Laken Tomlinson here.), and on and on

He’s not lasting until round 7. I think he goes on day 2. But maybe I’m too high and it’s early day three. Just takes one team to love him and I think that happens somewhere in between early round 2 and late round 4.

Worst case scenario he is a perfect sixth lineman. That is pretty valuable to be honest. Especially to a team with lofty goals

I don’t think any of the OGs in this draft are ready to plug and play. Could be wrong of course, usually am but the NFL is a different animal from college. I’d still draft one, but I’d rather sign an FA, and I’m wondering if Mike Person would be a good idea.

Wasn’t Glasgow actually the center for Michigan when Ruiz was a freshman? Believ Molk graduated earlier.

Really like Hunt as well, similar to big V in that he can play inside or out. We’ll have to see, but I could see Detroit taking an OT and an OG in the draft. As 3rd round or later prospects I like Hunt, Niang, Bartch, Stenberg, Onwenu.