Who is this years Tyrek Hill?

We heard in the past that defense win the championship , but kc proved otherwise . Quick striking offense is the best defense . Tyerek hill separation in the most important play showed it. Should we take jerry Jeudy at no 3?

No. People are sleeping a bit on the KC defense. While they were 5th in the league in scoring per game, they were 7th in the league in points allowed per game.

When you have a high powered offense and you still allow the 7th fewest points on defense, that is flat out amazing. They won because their defense improved dramatically from the previous year.

Once we get our defense at a respectable level, we can go ahead and tinker around on the next Calvin Johnson, but just like when we drafted CJ, we built the entire team backwards.


It’s not Jeudy. The next Hill is the other kid from Alabama. He will be the fastest player in the league along with Hill. His speed is eye popping.

Balance isn’t the way to win in the NFL anymore. I would rather see the Lions overload on offense rather than try to build a mediocre defense.


What makes KC’s points allowed on defense even more impressive is the fact they were the 29th ranked run defense. How tf did they allow so few points? Must have created some turnovers and tightened up in the redzone.

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I don’t think Jeudy is anywhere near as fast as Hill.

I think the closest thing to Hill in this draft is Henry Ruggs III. Analysts are labeling his speed as ‘legendary.’ I guess we’ll see at the combine.

The 2 that come to mind are Henry Ruggs and K.J. Hamler.

Yeah. Lots of love out there for Ruggs. The speed shows up and is undeniable.

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Ruggs is a blazer for sure but I don’t think he’s another Tyreek, more like a Hardman or Harvin or John Ross. Tyreek is a different breed, he’s got the squatty musculature of a RB and he’s every bit as quick as he is fast with his change of direction. Almost like Barry, that kind of stop and start.

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This team lacks someone who beats their girlfriend ?!?!

Who’s this years Tyrek Hill ? Marvin Hall I hope. The guy has real wheels and impressed me last year. His speed is what our Offense needs

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Beat me to it TC, absolutely

Jeudy is by far the better WR, which is all that matters. A WR that can create separation is gold for Stafford who can get the ball to anyone.

KC’s Defense was 29th in YPC allowed & 26th in total rushing yards allowed …they were 17th in both TD’s allowed and the key is 17th in attempts against…Bottom Line…the rushing Defense for KC sucked, but the KC Offense put to many points on the board per game for the opposition to be able to take advantage of the poor rushing Defense…the Opposition needed to pass to keep up or in order to come back…
This is the premise to our Defense with Patricia but in order for this to work we need to put up points in the first half and make teams play from behind and the Defense is supposed to make them have to nickel and dime and force things not there… instead we were a turn style .

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Henry Ruggs III is the next Tyreek Hill …and he is a true vertical threat not just the crossers and YAC type catches.

WR CeeDee Lamb is my favorite rec in this draft …not a speed guy , a route runner who catches everything thrown his way, tough as hell and fights for YAC …he is the next Hopkins he, just gets open and magic happens…I draft CeeDee before Jeudy or Ruggs

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NYL is pretty close. Watched the Chiefs a lot this year obviously.

There’s 2 main factors for KC’s poor rush defense. Just like any team, they had some games they really struggled. The best way to beat KC, is to run the ball and control the clock. So every team is going to try to do that, and every team is going to try to establish the run. This would either work, and you stood a good chance of winning by pounding the ball, and would stick with it.

However, if option A didnt work out so well, it would only be time before KC’s offense got ahead of you. At some point, your defense would make a mistake. Now, once they have the lead, they can play their style. You have to pass to catch up, and KC’s defensive strength was pass rush. Now KC’s offense can blow the game open. Once that happened, and the game was essentially over, teams would run the ball to keep the clock moving and the Chiefs would happily play soft defense and not give up the big play. Essentially, they would collect garbage run yards.

I wish we had one area on our defense that was suspect, instead of almost every part of our defense
being weak. our entire defense as a whole ranked in the 30’s…not just our run defense.

Come on dude, parts of the defense looked worse because of the lack of push up front and lack of pass rush. Fix the front and the back comes together quicker then you think

It does, but if they have another season with Melvin as the #2 Corner, I may lose my mind.

Yeah, I think they came to the conclusion that he can’t handle that role.