Who on our remaining schedule do you fear?

Answer…no one.

We play some good teams (Green Bay and Dallas) but I think we will be handling everyone else on our schedule with maybe a couple slip ups.

It’s going to take 12-3-1 to get a bye IMO.

Bears defense on the road.

Cowboys run game offense if Snacks doesn’t return to form and Hand remains out for an extended period.

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KC gave me hesitation where I began sweating them as a true test, we did well despite barely losing to them over bs.

I do not fear Green Bay at all the only team that gets me full of any doubt is Tom Brady-Led Patriots…bc you better have your shit together hard core to get away with a win.

Outside of that, you beat the team in front of you !

I agree. I originally thought we’d come out 10-6. With the tie, that isn’t going to happen.

In looking at the schedule, there is not an unwinnable game on there. We should hit 10, maybe more. NFC is weak, this year. Saints will be getting Drew back, and they’re probably the toughest team in the NFC. I think we sweep the packers this year. We may lose on the road to Chicago, but maybe not.

My answer is no one AND everyone… Stay disciplined take no one lightly. Any given Sunday is especially true for above average tams to below average teams. But we should beat most teams soundly if we don’t hurt ourselves.


My top 5…

5 Minny… beating then 2x is tough
4 Chicago at Chicago
3 Dallas
2 At GB

1 THE LIONS themselves. Honestly don’t expect to go unbeaten rest of the way, but the only thing that keeps that from happening is us


There is not a team “I fear”. This early, I am confident that this can only get better.


This is where I am at. I am cautiously optimistic as the Lions have a history of getting in their own way. They’ve shown they can play with anyone but they have to learn to close games out and then I will believe. Win in GB and I think the sky is the limit for this season!

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Really hard to say, not enough info yet.

One problem I had with KC, maybe the Lions just happen to match up really well. The Patricia/PP style defense of playing man, playing against the run, not going all out with blitzes. Maybe that just happens to be KC kryptonite. Lions also played well on offense that game, against a terrible KC run defense.

Maybe all that doesnt translate to other teams, like the Bears or GB or Dallas.

We’ll find out.

I agree 100%.

I think Detroit has the ability to win EVERY remaining game. I also think Detroit has the ability to lose EVERY remaining game.

It is a Detroit issue going forward. Believing they can win. Believing they belong.

Are you kidding me?
Any team in the NFL (other than Miami) can beat or lose to the Lions. To say they are going to handle everybody is just silly.
You really think the Lions are just going to roll over Chicago, Minnesota, and Green Bay? Chicago’s defense dominated Stafford and the Lions last year, and they are just as good this year. Minnesota’s defense didn’t allow the Lions a TD last season.
The Lions are 2-1-1 (all 4 of the games could have went either way. They could be anywhere between 0-4 to 4-0). LA and Philly were decimated by injuries and Philly dropped 2 TDs and had another one called back.
I understand this is a Lions board and people want the Lions to win, but how about a bit of realism mixed in with the Kool Aid.


Or you could look at it - Philly beat GB on their home turf the week after we beat them
I don’t think your comparisons to last year’s squad hold much water. Very little, in fact. Especially if you count injuries, literally half of the starters are different people on both sides of the ball, for us. Different OC, Different TEs, WRs & RBs (if you count injury), Different OL. Not even the same thing. In looking at defensive additions, it even amplifies it.

I’d honestly be surprised, if we didn’t win 10 or more, at this point. The key will certainly be winning in the division. We will get a lot of questions answered a week from Monday. Still to be determined, for sure…but…definitely looking favorable for a playoff spot.

Fear is a strong word. The only team on the remaining schedule that makes the hair on my balls stand up a little bit is the Vikings.

of the 12 remaining games, I think we win 7 out right, giving us a 9-1-1 record. I see 5 maybes, but no out right losses… KC was it imho.

9-6-1 as of today, puts us a just 43% playoffs.

10=5-1 jumps up to 84% to make the playoffs. That 8 of 12 or we must win 67% of our remaining games. very possible with this team.

Let’s not pretend like the other teams are the only ones with injuries. Seems to me we allowed ZERO sacks to the 4th best sack team last year missing our LT. We’ve played without our starting Lb, a few starters-key DL players, our #3 wr, the top rated cb IN FOOTBALL over the last 12 games… the injuries card don’t fly

look man last season was based off a handful of issues/problems.
A. Matt Stafford’s wife Kelly had been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor that really sent Matt & Kelly reeling . Matt’s mind wasn’t just on football until MUCH later after DR’s said she would be fine and then Matt slowly started back but he had made some really bad decisions with the football. too little too late and his overall numbers suffered.

B. Jim Bob Cooter thought he was smarter than anyone else and all he proved is that he was IN over his head. Our Offense suffered with HIS helping hand.

C Injuries to our top /starting players , played a role and cost us.

D. The HC reigns were handed to a man that was never a NFL HC in his LIFE but posters here seemingly expected him to coach like a 4th-year HC or sum shit. With only 6 wins in 2018, our fans roasted Matt Patricia for that…

E. Our defense started many games in 2018 off ICE cold , and came on strong the latter half …and that.

But this is a totally different , and separate seasons with a different/better OC and players. the start we had and the fans rallied around our GM and HC and QB…some are quite confident and others are BUT so are they guarded and tempering their hopes because they know how fast it COULD go sour in a NY second.

Still , we have beat The Pats with Brady before, we have swept Chicago a few times, they used to say that Green Bay was unbeatable in Lambeau , but we beat them there a time or two. The Vikes…that game can swing either way each time you play them and each season

but I think, {don’t shoot me} that this team is going to pick up steam and gain some strength after our injured returns…not regress and fold or start losing. I see Stafford playing with an attitude, I see this team fighting with everything they had and not quit , nothing so far screams Same Old Lions & that is refreshing. NOW, this team has had a week to rest and heal and refine their play and get ready for Green Bay.

I’ll say again I do not see us losing that game unless it’s another damn flag fest and the officials get involved.

I thought trendy good looking young fellas like you manscaped…

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I fear the refs, the NY replay office and the very angry and persistent spirits of the dead native Americans WCF built his house over…


That’s a Bingo. The Same Old Lions are by far the scariest team on our schedule, and we face them every week.


Bears defense is scary good and with our tackles I have fear of Kahlil Mack ending Stafford’s season.