Who Replaces JBC?


I personally don’t want anyone who hasn’t coached and been successful as an OC in the NFL.


Marty Morningweg will be available if Harbaugh gets canned :joy:


I still think they need to let us, the den, be the next coordinator. We we mostly believe we are a smart bunch and could definitely do better than what they are doing now. We would once and for all either prove we are as smart as we think we are or we’d all have to just shut up myself included. I guarantee it would not be a predictable offense


Kellen Moore.


I would love to get a smart and innovative young coach. But do you want another guy “learning on the job” like Lombardi? Do we keep swinging for the fences to land a guy like McVay?


I think Kubiak would be the dream pick. He will make sure we’re properly executing the zone blocking scheme and the run game would, theoretically, be as good as we think it is and hopefully be consistently good.


Agreed that the Patriots have been flexible, but I’ve not seen any evidence that MP can be. Defensive personnel moves seem to indicate that they are trying to get players to fit a particular scheme vs. bending the scheme around the players.


The great thing about Kubiak is he’s almost certainly brining a running game with him.


Exactly and he’s been a very successful OC too. Has experience with QB and being a QB coach. He’s helped elevate the QB play. Also he has a lot of SB experience too. So he will get respect from the players. I think he’d be perfect to pair with Patricia.


Looks like Mike McCarthy will be available :joy:


I like Kubiak’s system and think it would suit Matt well. Play Action, scheme to roll him out of the pocket and let it rip down the field. I think our OL would work with Kubiak’s zone blocking system as well. It’s a reallly good suggestion. That’s why it’s really gonna suck when the Packers have the same idea and he’s OC for them instead. If Kubiak wants to be an OC again he would be in high demand.