Who Replaces JBC?


Why don’t I think it will really matter? Remember when Lombardi was a brilliant offensive mind? Remember when JBC was a brilliant film room game planner?

Any coordinator who tries to do anything but get YAC guys and put Stafford in the shotgun 90% of the time is going to have a stagnant offense


we need to encorporate college spread concepts. The closer we could get Stafford to the air raid, the better IMO. I think Kerryon could adjust to that. Pretty sure that Patricia disagrees with my analysis though


Linehan runs a variation of the Coryell.
Been there.


Me too but he doesn’t want to be a HC again.


Bring back the run and shoot


It’d be more interesting than Cooter ball.


Kingsbury to USC as OC


I still want Bill Cowher!!!


Not so fast. Kingsbury’s agent is tapping the brakes on the USC gig being a done deal.


Interesting. Thanks. I thought that was a weird move for him to make. He would get offered another college head coaching gig or NFL OC if he could just sit tight.

UNLESS it’s a Chip Kelly-Mike Belotti situation in which if he proves his genius to USC they will hand him the keys to the program.

I was kind of looking forward to Daniels, Carr, Brown, Pittman, Vaughns with him calling the plays. Would’ve been fun


Shameless bump since this is now the most exciting thing we can talk about.


Dirk Koetter anyone?


Rumors are flying that Adam Gase would be the next OC if he’s fired in Miami


It will be interesting to see what direction they keep wanting to move in. Really I thought the best OC for Stafford was Linehan. Linehan knew what he had. A big armed gunslinger who played best out of shotgun and threw to hybrid RBs in lieu of a run game. Lots of flair routes, bubble screens and quick outs that helps draw in safeties and open up a deep chance here and there

The Lions though have invested quite a bit of late in developing an under-center run game and trying to mix in more play action. That’s not Staffords forte. This year and under Lombardi in 2014 were his two worst years. He’s just not that QB

If I’m a coach I’m not even sure I take the OC role without a clear expectation of how Quinn wants to build the team. I just don’t think Stafford and an under-center run game is a thing. Like carving out a square wheel and wondering why it doesn’t roll


Gase would be a solid hire at OC. I’d be surprised though if he didn’t get another HC offer though

He does have a history in MI so that might help. They could even keep Cooter on to hold Staffords hand in the locker room

I doubt Cooter gets many looks around the NFL if we remove him as OC


Matt Prater?


Except 2012 and 2013 were nowhere near 2011 despite LInehan being there. And the choke job the last 4 games in 2013 is going to take some serious playoff winning for me to forgive that.


Jedd Fisch.


Really? I thought that was set-in-stone already!?!?!


Id agree, Id take Kubiak in a second. I dont think Kubiak goes anywhere but Denver though. Elway will give Kubiak basically assistant HC privilages, and they love each other. Kubiak’s only issue is his health. He is a good coach, period. If he had ANY interest in Detroit, the plane better be on the runway at Metro

My guess, I think the Lions take a run at Gase if he is canned, but I wouldnt be surprised to see Charlie Weis at least interviewed.