Who Travis Etienne remind you?

To me he is the next Alvin Kamara . May be we can get him



So if we get this dude, I’m so lobbying to move his nickname to ATM, instead of ETN.

Hope he can be tough. Would most like to have a dude like Henry. I love Barkley, when he’s healthy. Singletary from Buffalo is awesome, and to be honest, I’d love to have someone like that. All different animals. I just want a home run hitter @ RB. Make them pay for not respecting us.


He’s definitely faster than Kamara. Kamara is a little bigger and with better contact balance but damn Etienne is sudden.

Chris Johnson is the closest comp I can think of. Although I don’t think Etienne is quite that fast.

Slightly faster Charlie Garner, that’s who he reminds me of.

If we are going old school I’ll go with Ahman Green.

Tevin Coleman or Darren McFadden are decent comps too. McFadden was much taller but the speed is there.

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To be fair, Ameer’s career was impacted by injuries. He had a very promising rookie season that most young players would love to be compared to.

And Etienne won’t run a 4.6 forty like AA did.

Nobody’s faster than karma! Karma’s a biiitch!

Yep. I think people forget just how dynamic Abdullah looked in the first five quarters of 2017 before the foot injury. Granted it was a tiny sample size but he was on track for a 1250 rushing yard, 600 receiving yard season and looking damn good while doing it. Then being a Lion intervened.

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Lamar Miller is a good comparison

Lamar Miller wasn’t as explosive IMO.

Here’s NFL.com’s scouting report on Miller… It’s almost a carbon copy of how I’d describe Etienne

Miller has track speed and actually ran a few anchor legs for the Miami track team prior to his junior year. Once in the open field, he is a threat to take it the distance and is not only a straight-line, long-speed runner; Miller has even more impressive quickness off the snap and in tight areas to avoid and stay productive. He is very smooth and impressive off the snap as he gets to top speed quickly and is able to pick his spots at full speed in a very effective way. He hardly ever gets stuck in the backfield and is reliable to get positive yardage on each carry. He is a very efficient runner who has a natural feel for maneuvering his way through the box.

Frank Gore if Frank Gore ran a 4.4 instead of 4.6

Reminds me of every wasted Lions second round pick. Really hoping we don’t take him in the second.

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I think he has a little “LT” to his game. Etienne has that little bit of a stiff arm, like LT did, for a smaller back (similar sizes IMO and build), the spin move and contact balance, and he has the top shelf speed on the 2nd level.

That’s what I think too. disclaimer - I"m not a scout :wink:

He’s nothing like AA. I liked Ameer coming out but AA hesitated too much before hitting the hole. AA doesn’t have the quickness or vision that Etienne has either.

Etienne has great vision and elite level quickness. I personally tried to think who he compares to. I even went back and watched tape of some players that I thought he compared to and to be honest I can’t find a solid comparison. The closest I can come up with is Reggie Bush. Bush is more elusive while Etienne’s decision making is faster and he hits a seem with more explosion.

For me the greatest RB’s are the hardest to compare … like Barry. I’ve never seen a player with that level of elusiveness and ability to change direction. There’s no comparison to Barry. Etienne also doesn’t have a comparison. He’s no Barry but he has an elite burst of speed that doesn’t compare to anyone else. He hits the hole hard and with such amazing burst. He will force teams to keep LBers in tight to plug holes. The guy gets a first down almost every time he touches the football.

My gut tells me that if he stays healthy that he’s going to have an amazing NFL career. If he lands on a team that has a solid QB he’s going to really open up the passing game. Because he’s going to force LBers in and for teams to play safeties deep. I do think he’s best suited for a zone blocking scheme.

Another RB that is similar is Tevin Coleman. But I think Etienne will be a better player than Coleman is mainly due to Etienne’s bust.

I really like this kid. The last RB I liked this much was Nick Chubb. If Etienne is there in round two I’d jump on him.

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