Who was poster who said?

CHAISSON would be top 10 an top 15 for sure?

Lollerz, remember that!

I liked him as the #2 EDGE. He was the #2 EDGE taken at 20. I thought he wouldn’t get past Dallas, but Lamb was too good of a value at 17. I thought they may try to trade up for him if he got to say 15. When I was eyeing the Jax trade, I posed the question. There was another poster who was a little bit higher on him than I was. I thought he’d be a great JACK choice for us. I guess the medical issues dropped him a little more. Oh well. We’ll revisit in a few years and see how laughable being high on him was. I got no problem eating crow.

I don’t know if your thinking of me.

I said that if he hadn’t gotten hurt that I think he could have been a top 10 player and I projected that he would go somewhere in the teens.

I like Chaisson and I think Jax got a good player at 20.

I was one pic off but I don’t think anyone thought Arnette or Terrell would go in the teens either.

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I thought he was gonna be top 10 before the draft. However when I looked at each team during the draft I realized that just about every team had more pressing needs then pass rusher. I mean I got at least positionally, 16/17 of the first 20 picks right. Then I whiffed pretty much after that lol

I remember some Epenesa love early in the process… like top 10 back in January. But that was early early.

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Never saw it with him. Try hard bull rush guys with no moves or twich don’t go high. I thought Gross-Matos was going to go and hasn’t yet. The DTs and Edge Rushers are going to go like water in the 2nd IMHO. Would really hate to pass on the electric talent at RB with Swift/Taylor. Which is why I really wanted that TD in the first, but oh well, enjoy the ride I guess…

I was passionate Epenesa wouldn’t go round one.

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