Who was the Lions prospect(s) you thought were sure-fire, yet didn't work out?


Kevin Jones, for me. I love how he played. Really unfortunate about how he had to play behind one of the worst offensive lines ever assembled. Painful for me. I’m sure much more painful for him. Our OL greatly shortened his career. Go back and watch the play he got injured on. OMG our line was bad.


Charlie Batch. When he went on those int-free streaks as a rookie, that showed he was cool. I wish the carpet hadn’t slowed him down or we had an O-Line that didn’t get him hit every 3 plays…

I thought we had lightning in a bottle with Best, but I figured some how Lion luck would poke him in the eye somehow…


I was all in on the Joey, Charles, Roy, and Mike combo. You can’t cover that.

I thought EE was going to force mismatches.


Boy could take a hit, that’s for sure. I really didn’t like Batch, but I’ll never question his toughness.


And you were right. Kevin Jones was awesome. Great player who bit the injury bug to many times. I always separate the “busts” from the “injury busts”. (I know, a bust is a bust.) When KJ was healthy and playing, he was a monster. Just to few times was he both.


That’s a good point.


I separate injury from bust as well. Injuries happen. Unless there is a history, it is hard to lay that at anyone’s feet except the GM that ignored the history.

I also think the team ‘bust’ should be reserved for the elite prospects in any given year. This year I would see Bosa, Williams, Allen, Oliver, Hock, and the Card’s new QB as busts. They were all the “can’t miss” prospects no questions. I know that is a little against the grain. Other draft failures are just bad picks and they are plentiful every year.



I never understood the “brittle” BS. No other QB took even close to that kind of beating and still got up. And was brave to keep standing in.

I took sacks and multiplied them by 3 to show how many hits he likely took. SICK numbers.

Look at that OL. If Stafford had that OL, I’d buy the excuse.


Boss Bailey…


The only thing I remember about Andre Ware is how he could consistently throw the ball 4 yards away from the receiver at Mach 6 into the turf, no matter the pattern…


Oof. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s not his fault the receivers couldn’t get separation.


wasn’t kevin jones the one that rung ray lewis’ bell pretty badly?


Charles Rogers. Hands down. I thought that guy was an absolute stud at Michigan State, and that he would do the same thing for the Lions.


Ted, he might have been but for injuries and having Joanie Harrington for a QB.


Kyle Van Noy is #2 on my list. What I don’t like about Kyle is they bulked him up when he got to the pros, so the player some of us scouted wasn’t the same player that hit the field.

Yep, that was Kevin Jones. KJ is definitely my #1 player I fell in love with that the Lions ended up taking and he didn’t work out. I only own 2 Lions jersey’s. One is Barry Sanders, the other is Kevin Jones. Its funny because I started following Kevin Jones as a hater. Back before it was “the thing” to do, he delayed who he was going to play college ball for and made a big stink about his final selection. I said “this kid CAN’T be that good, I’m going to enjoy watching him flop and throw his cockiness back in his face.” He went to VA Tech who I watched a lot anyways because guys I played HS ball against were on that team, and I just KNEW Lee Suggs (who I played against in HS) was not going to have to give up carries to this showboat. Boy was I wrong. Kevin beat me into respecting him, and eventually I fell in love with his game. Kevin Jones holds the Lions single game rookie rushing record with 196 yards vs the Cardinals.

I still remember the day we drafted him. I had obviously spent months telling my wife about him. I was watching the draft in the living room and she was watching something else in the bedroom. When they announced that we had traded UP into the 1st round, I shot into the bedroom and turned her TV to the draft. I grabbed her hand and told her “I think we are about to get Kevin Jones!” We put our heads down holding hands while we waited for the pick to be announced. “The Detroit Lions select…Kevin Jones, RB Virginia Tech!” Soon after she bought me a Kevin Jones jersey (silver gimmicky one) and I bought her a black one.


I remember that year, Wes. The insight you gave the board on both Jones and Suggs was a lot of fun.


Ummm, Im going to go with he was a barely functioning Moron, in the clinical definition, and he was a full blown druggie and basically a trainwreck that they had to hire his college coach to babysit him AND be a shit WR coach…


There wasnt a huge din about it because he was local, but if he had played at USC, we would have taken Andre Johnson, like we should have.

That guy still pisses me off.



The watered down sample before the draft should’ve been a red flag.

That said? Had Charles had his head on right, I still believe he would’ve been the greatest Lions receiver ever (at that point, anyway.)


Oh yea, I could definitely see randy moss lite in him. great speed, great hands, etc. I don’t get why you can’t just stop doing something like weed until it’s the offseason or you’re done with the league. it’s not THAT long.

but then again, my daughters ex boyfriend is stuck working at a greenhouse. decent money but ridiculous hours and he’s sick of it. I talked about getting him in manufacturing where i work but he was hesitant because he just likes smoking weed.