Who was the Lions prospect(s) you thought were sure-fire, yet didn't work out?


“Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire. I’ll write the check before the baby comes, who the fuk cares!” - 50 Cent


Reggie Rogers.


Smoking pot made Rogers kill three teenagers?

No offense meant Pdono, just curious that you dropped this here. Side note: Rogers is/was a complete POS and really dont care hes taking a dirt nap right now.


If the league were smart they would get as close as they could on the next CBA, and then throw down an end to testing for pot to close the deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if the players put it out there first, but it would solve a lot of problems for both sides.


I’ll go back to what Eric Winston (president of players union at the time) said in an interview a few years ago. Sit back and think about ALL of the players as a whole. How many of them actually get in trouble? Now narrow down “trouble” to those that get suspended for weed? He said something to the effect of “you’ve got 90%+ of the players who don’t get in trouble, so why would they give up something of value for themselves?”

The owners don’t want to “throw it in” for free, and the players as a whole don’t want to give up something of real value to get it. The weed testing program is an idiot and addict test that doesn’t effect most of the players…even the weed smokers.


Interesting and thank you for sharing that Wes, I hadn’t heard that before. Winston just got re-elected to his 3rd term, unopposed, but remains a free agent.


I thought it was a huge reach, but I thought Laken Tomlinson was going to be good. Also, I thought Ziggy would be a difference maker, not that he wasn’t good, but his injuries stopped him from being as productive as he could’ve been.


The value of Ziggy goes beyond the sacks. We had a historically good run defense in 2014 and Ziggy was a big part of the reason why. He was also put on a team that spent several of his healthy peak years with porous surrounding parts, where we literally gave up quick passes on purpose and relied on the secondary and LBs to come up and make tackles. That strategy of giving up the short passes on purpose is horrible for a pass rushers ability to get to the QB.


I had completely forgotten about Reggie Rogers. Agreed, total shitbag.

I had also forgotten mostly about Reggie Brown. Damn.


Ziggy was one of the best pass rushers in the league, when he was healthy.


Yeah, I remember those snaps.

Both of them.


Jimmy Landes


LOL. You win.