Who will be the first O-lineman taken in this draft?

1st Offensive Lineman Drafted
57324 Tristan Wirfs -130
57325 Mekhi Becton +225
57323 Jedrick Wills +350
57326 Andrew Thomas +1600
57327 Field +3300

Tristan Wirfs -130 an if i was drafting Wills would be the last of the 4 I like Thomas after Wirfs

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It’s the Giants and that means a big guy, I’m a Wirfs fan and it’s between him and Becton. I think they take the behemoth in Becton.

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Yeah, what will Gettleman do, cause I’m pretty sure that’s where the first OL goes. Actually Andrew Thomas wouldn’t shock me given his length and starting pedigree. Hmmm… +1600 might be worth a punt.

The mocks moved down all four because they couldn’t bring one guy forward as the true number one tackle. I think the Giants want the best run blocker.

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Think Saquon here.

Don’t forget about Daniel Jones. He’s an even bigger team investment. Not just because he’s a QB with a longer pro life expectancy, but he was also considered a “WOAH” pick by the GM and he wants to protect that pick at all costs.

Daniel Jones was a bad pick. But anyone wanting to get to him will need two subway tokens to get around Becton

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Are you a Giants fan? Just curious. I know that pick wasn’t initially welcomed, but he really over performed my expectations in year one on a very flawed team.

He was always going to outperform Eli, Eli’s tank was empty. He has Saquon who is ten times better than any RB Stafford has ever had which is good for a QB. I think they reached, not because Jones is bad, the reach put Jones in a bad position. They might ruin him before they can develop him.

Before you ask, asking Jones to start out the gate without some adjustment period, like half a season to get used to NFL speed without any real super talents to draw from like most QB’s drafted that high is more than should be asked of a prospect like Jones.

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For the record, I was genuinely curious. I thought it was an enormous reach. Then after 1 year, I was like, kid has game. A lot of rookie QBs, especially from little schools have reverse numbers. Like 12 TDs and 24 picks. Kid had legit numbers for a rookie. Just another guy I am very interested to see what happens in year 2. Mayfield was a disaster in year 2, much to my surprise.

**** calling myself out. I thought and said here on record that the Browns would win that division last year.


I believe the Giant’s use a power run scheme, that being the case I think Becton. I then Wirfs is more a zone blocker.

There’s alot of talk about them trading down too. I would. They have as many holes as we do, maybe more. And they are still talking about getting CY, because Washington could trade out, and Quinn could very well pass for Okudah. If I’m the Giants and get CY at 4OA, well that’s just a notch below us getting Barry at 3OA.

I don’t think they get him at 4. I’m just sayin.

I don’t either. Its group dynamics. Just like some overly rosy trade-down scenarios on this board.

I will bet everything I have he doesn’t get past three. That includes my trove of toilet paper in these troubled times.4 cases at 96 rolls per case at eighty bucks a roll. You do the math 384 x 80= over 3000 like $3064.00.