Who will our pick be at #3 with no trade down?

I’m putting it down right now, Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa.

Wirfs or Big V move inside for one year and we let Decker walk next year.
Wirfs moves to LT next year and will be our next Lomas Brown, 10+ year LT.


It would definitely be interesting to see what they do with Decker, if they draft OL. If Decker walks, we still need a guy. Maybe they keep them all? Maybe Decker does better at RT? What if we could run behind our OL?
Side note -
If we draft OL in the first, my want for a top RB in the 2nd round will amplify by 10. I’d love to see what Matt could do surrounded by healthy, top-flight talent on O.

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If we stay at 3 my top picks would be.
Lamb (Probaly my favorite player in the draft and a huge need for this team after 2020)
That’s a solid list there is no reason they cant get a great player at #3.

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Gonna go out on a limb and say Chase Young!

I’m not convinced Was isn’t trading down or if not they take Tua…

Haskins could net them a nice little trade with someone!

Now go ahead and laugh :sunglasses:


WWQD? Okudah or Wirfs at No. 3.

OT is the safest “now” pick for Quinn and Patricia. Keep Stafford healthier with less knockdowns, more RB runs, and give Stafford a half second more time to hold on to the ball and let the play develop.


I disagree. Rookie OTs struggle. All it takes is 1 missed assignment and Stafford is out for the year.

Positions that have the most trouble making instant impacts are OTs, CBs and TE’s. Not even QB takes that long to develop anymore.

Therefore, with Quinntricia in apparent “win now” mode, I think it would be dumb to blow the #3 pick on a non elite tackle or just a decent CB like Okudah.

We should try to get an elite pass rusher whether that be Young or even a stud LB, as our team currently has zero good LBs on the roster. You could see instant impact if we throw an elite player into our front 7. A rookie tackle or CB is going to get exposed more than likely in year 1.

Depends on the plan , the future …or for now . Are Quinn and Patricia really on a short leash …I do not think they are .

Staying at #3 the pick will be DE C.Young , CB J.Okudah or QB .Herbert …with Tua still available .

It will be a defensive player.

I would draft Kinlaw the DT an get the OT to learn maybe take over next season at LOT in round two Guy like Jones or Cleveland