Who would be better @ 3 for trade down

I am very curious who you all think needs to be there @3 to get the what most of us want to happen on that 3rd pick. (a trade down)

While some want Okudah, some want Young, some Brown etc etc, at 3 spot if no trade down happens.

But I feel there is a player on this board that would bring more teams to call about trading up.

Personally I feel it’s Burrow. While some will call regardless, but I feel Burrows would make QB needy teams bring the best offers for the obvious reasons.

Young would be my 2nd pick. Just wanting to hear what others hear think.

If Burrow dropped to 3, he would definitely bring the most in a trade down scenario.

No way imo he makes it to 3. The Skins would take him or trade out.

A healthy Tua is the most likely scenario. If Young is off the board then I would love a TD to 5 and there we should have our choice of 2 of these 3…Okudah, Brown, and Simmons.

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Really, it’s the scenario everyone here has been hanging onto for a couple months. Burrow and Young go 1 and 2, Tua is there for the taking at 3. That’s who people will trade up for to take a shot on. I don’t know if Burrow falling to 3 generates any more interest than Tua being there at 3. Maybe some, but I don’t know.

The only things I want to see are either Young, or a trade down that gets us two firsts this year.

Depending how the draft goes and how much teams like a specific guy, I’d trade down again W Jax or Vegas to grab a third 1st rd pick and thus have 9,20,26 or 12,19,26. Not likely, but this is my fantasy…


I’d be fine with number 5 and two 2020 2nds and a ‘21 2nd.


I am right there with you Line. The top 3 are Tua, Burrows and Young, I do not see anyone of them having more value to teams wanting to trade up for one of them then the others. I think the real issue is what happens with Washington and their O-Line. After the way that some of the OTs at the combine blew the doors off it should definitely be considered. Williams may or may not return at this point, and both of their OGs are entering FA, at this time. So while Young is clearly a difference maker, is adding him to a Dline of 1st round talent more important then filling the holes on the O-Line. This is the big reason that I am not convinced that Young will go #2.

I can see the Redskins taking a trade offer to move back and get more picks or even going with the top OT on their board over Young. If the Redskins do go with an OT that would mean that both Young and Tua/Burrows could be available at #3. Now that would definitely increase the trade offers that the Lions might receive. Now I am not saying the Lions should or will accept this offers, especially with Young there, but I am saying that it might increase that 2nd round and 3rd round pick offer to a 1st round and 2nd round pick offer. As much as I like Young I am not sure that taking him is better then what the LIons might be able to get with multiple 1st and 2nd rounds picks.


I love it, brother

I feel like QB’s don’t normally turn out as expected. While that trend seems to be trending upward, in the past, a lot of high profile draft picks suck.

There are 32 NFL teams. The average life career of a good NFL QB is let’s say 12 years. Shouldn’t every single team have a great QB? Shouldn’t there be, at the very least, a bunch of good backups in the NFL? I don’t buy draft hype, especially on QBs. That’s part of the reason I appreciate Mathew so much.

I think I’ve been fairly consistent that my fantasy would be twins with Daddy issues.

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