Who would be your no. 1 candidate for head coach if Patricia gets the boot?

Yeah this might be early to some, but I was probably going to ask this even if we won.

Realistically, by the way, because Belichick and Andy Reid aren’t coming here.

I like Jack Del Rio. I want someone who’s been a head coach before.


Bring back Jim Schwartz.

I’m only half kidding.

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Jim Schwartz or Jason Garrett

I want Joe Brady, and then someone experienced as a DC that can show him the ropes and help out if need be, because Brady isn’t leaving his gig in Carolina to take the same position here.

Wonder what’s the feasibility of Lincoln Riley, and how he’d translate in the NFL…tank this season, and give him Trevor Lawrence to build a new team around, the Offense would def be something to see…not sure about the D though

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If he wouldn’t take the Cowboys with Zeke and all, he’s not coming here.

Yeah maybe, but ya never know, at least have the new Lions GM make the call…

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I have no idea, and I’m not going to get religious about a vet HC who knows the deal versus a young, inspired up-and-comer. Both can work and have elsewhere, many times.

My number one priority is a win-now mandate from ownership. Realistically, it’s a crap shoot that anybody they bring in is going to work out at all. But I’m ALL DONE with the “we’re building for the long term.” Eff that noise. Win NOW or next man up.

If you’re not clearly better in year 2 than you were in year 1–both GM and HC–then here’s the door. No matter who you are, you get three years, tops–less if it’s clear you’re in way over your head, as has been the case with Patricia since year 2.

It may take a couple cycles to get the right people, but I can live with churning. What I can’t live with is holding on for YEARS with leadership that isn’t working.


I’m not joking at all when I say I’d interview Jim Schwartz. I bet he would do much better a second time around. He’s smart enough to learn from his past mistakes. Jack Del Rio would be good.

From the college ranks, I’d back up a Brinks truck for Lincoln Riley.

I’d give an interview to Kellen Moore, currently the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys.

A good head coach can come from anywhere. The Lions just never get it right.

I watched a piece this weekend on how Dabo Swinney became interim coach at Clemson after Tommy Bowden was fired. Swinney was wide receivers coach and had never even been a coordinator. People there freaked.

How’d that work out?

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Garrett…lol. Patricia with style…no thanks.

Though it’s another rookie, my pick is Biennemy.


I want Cowher. Flat out ask him how much it would take to get him here.

Try to intice BB?

I feel like Holmgren is immovable, but he’d be on the short list.

Eric Bieniemy is going to be an amazing head coach, and it may be luck for Detroit that nobody hired him after last year.

I’d also throw a truck of money at David Shaw to see if he would leave Stanford.

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Urban Meyer


Is Dick Vermeil still alive?



Bring Jeff Fisher in to bring us back to mediocrity. I would kill for an 8-8 season at this point

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I really think Caldwell could do it, if he did 2 things

  1. Get the right coordinators
  2. Allow them to do their jobs without interfering

I think Patricia puts the handcuffs on Bevell, and makes it not a math problem, the way Gym Shorts did. Way too conservative at the ends of games.

Let the guys play football.

I’m convinced that nothing good will ever come from rushing 3. To run this defense, you would need Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, and Aaron Donald.

Our DBs are screwed by default.

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Urban Meyer. Just a winner. Builds a solid program top to bottom.

Other than that, honestly, don’t know where I would go. Even Urban Meyer is a shot in the dark.

I don’t see any sure hires like a Kyle Shannahan

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We had a chance at Chico Riveria but fucked up. We should had dumped Quinn & Patricia when he became available. They had a nice win against Philly. Besides, Chico has been a legitimate HC.